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Welcome to Wiki Life Wednesday! Wednesday is the day of the week where we dig into the wonderful world of Wiki!


Today we're discussing developer content on TechNet Wiki.

The Wiki includes the following advantages...

It supports all of Microsoft's development environments.

Includes code snippet capabilities. Share your code or link on over to the Code Samples gallery and build some synergy!

Comments on each page (like Blogs). Do you feel like you would rather comment than edit? No problem.

Connects to the MSDN Profile recognition system (feeding into the same Recognition Points and Achievement Medal system that you use on MSDN Forums, Code Samples / Gallery, and MSDN Blogs). You can convert your Code Sample write ups, MSDN Forum procedures/answers, and Blog explanations into Wiki articles and increase your Recognition! Just like your other MSDN tools, you just hover over the names you see on each page (the article author and last contributor) to get a snapshot of their Recognition Points and Achievement Awards. Then click their names for their full profiles.

Anyone can contribute. Do you want to be an MCC or MVP? Now's your chance to collaborate with Microsoft employees, MVPs, and MCCs. Just get started and start commenting and talking to people about your article ideas. We even wrote a Wiki article about how to become an MVP.


I'm proud to present...

TechNet Wiki (yes for developer content too)


Here are some primary portals and lists of Wiki articles that will help you navigate the existing content and then entice you to contribute edits and additions to existing articles (and to add your own articles).

Development Portal - It lists out all the dev technologies alphabetically and includes key articles to each technology.

Game Development - A growing portal of Wiki articles for game developers.

MSDN Forums - Alphabetical list to all the MSDN forums.

Security Developer Resources - Browse this list of Security development resources across the Internet.

How to Insert Formatted Code on TechNet Wiki - This article gives you an exhaustive list of options.

How to Insert Formatted Windows PowerShell Code on TechNet Wiki - This article focuses on a great way to drop PowerShell code into the Wiki's HTML.

Windows Workflow Foundation - Check out this list of WF articles.

Develop a Windows Azure Application - One example of a longer article that covers the basics.




We've had a lot of questions about the Wiki. Here are our answers...


QUESTION: Wait, are you saying that TechNet Wiki is open to developers and that the same Wiki works for both developers and IT folks?

ANSWER: Uh huh. A lot of IT folks are also developers. And most of the technologies are used for both IT pros and developers, not to mention IWs (information workers). Wouldn't it make more sense to just go to one Wiki than to try to figure out what content is on which wiki?


QUESTION: Yeah, I guess so. Hey, shouldn't I be the one asking questions?

ANSWER: You just did.


QUESTION: How do I get started?

ANSWER: Get started.


QUESTION: How do I add an article?

ANSWER: Click here.


QUESTION: How do I use the Wiki Editor?

ANSWER: It's basically Word with an HTML tab (very similar to blogs). Click here.


QUESTION: How do I add a Table of Contents?

ANSWER: Just type this in at the top: [toc]

Click here for an article about that.



Leave a comment with any more questions, and we'll add it to the FAQ! Thanks!


     - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)


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    Crisis averted.

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