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Hello Community, Luiz Henrique Lima Campos here today to update you on the latest news in the TechNet Wiki international community. First of all I want to make a comment about the meaning of the word "Wiki". The true meaning of it is to share knowledge and this is what Microsoft TechNet Wiki is all about, sharing knowledge about Microsoft technologies within the community. I also want to thank all the MCCs, MVPs, and  Microsoft Partners who are always helping out on the TechNet Wiki. Having said that, let’s move forward to the news around the world. Let’s start with a chat that I had with Patris Soltanpour from the Persian-language community:

Persian by Patris Soltanpour

During my regular visits to TechNet articles, I realized that there are no articles written in Persian. I wondered why nobody wants to do so. My biggest wish was always to find at least one good TechNet article written in Persian (Farsi). Then I said to myself "why not start to write articles in Persian (Farsi) ? I know there are many good writers in my country and I hope to encourage those people start writing articles on Wiki.

Luiz: Why those articles are a good fit for the Persian community ?

 After I answered many questions in Iranian forum, I have found out what is exactly the problem! The problem is that people do not properly understand the foundation, and many beginners do not want to read a Book, Document or article with a lot of text and no picture, and especially in English language. The people want to read Farsi (Persian) article and understand much better (of course one article that was written correctly).

Luiz: How you’ve paved the way in figuring out the best ways to author in Persian in a wiki environment, including collaborating with other Wiki folks as you figured out the details? Also, how you would hope to pass what you learned on to the Persian community to streamline the process?

 It's hard to say, but first I must say something. Many people are afraid of writing in the English language, but why are they afraid!? Because they are ashamed if they cannot write English correctly. OK, but now Wiki accepts that we write articles in Farsi (Persian) as well. What we expect even more, everything is ready (free space, MS Word Editor and other functions), so people please show the world we can also write good articles in Persian and other languages, and if something goes wrong and you have questions, everyone is ready to help on the Wiki (I have personally experienced this).

Luiz: What articles are you the most passionate about ?

Active Directory (AD), Group Policy (GPO), Windows

Examples of great Persian (Farsi) articles from Patris:

 One last word: folks, we have always learned something from others, now is the time that others can learn something from us.


 The Germany community is helping the project with articles (de-DE). Those tags are popping up at TechNet Wiki at a great pace, and one of the greatest contributors for that is Horizon_Net. Horizon, congratulations on your commitment to the TechNet Wiki and to evangelize to the German community about the importance of this initiative.


  The amount of articles in Portuguese (PT-BR) is almost reaching 1000. The community goal is to hit this mark by end of this year, and I’m sure they will be able to make it. The projects to evangelize to people about using TechNet Wiki in Brazil are still happening. The TechNet Wiki Day award is an example of that. The best articles of the week are selected and published on the TechNet Wiki Day Facebook page so that the community can vote. Currently we are on our fourth week doing that, and the community participation is outstanding. For more information, go to: TechNet Wiki Day (it's in Portuguese). I also want to thank  Fernando Veltem for his great contribution on the TechNet Wiki, especially when it comes to Lync Server content. Also Rafael Mantovani, Flavio Honda , Uilson Sousa , and Thiago Luiz Cardoso, your articles are great; keep it coming.

Soon we will have a WebCast in Brazil talking about technical communities and TechNet Wiki. As soon as we have the link for the event, I will post it here. We will go to Universities and Schools with live events to publicize the Wiki Portal for Teachers and Students. We will begin the project at CEFET (Technical Center).

Well, Community, that was a short summary of the week on what's happening around the world in the International TechNet Wiki community.

Big hugs go to the TechNet Wiki community, and do not forget to tweet #TNWIKI and follow us:

@ Wikininjas



Ninja Luiz Henrique Lima Campos

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  1. Patris_70 says:

    Thanks Luiz. You, Bruno, Ed and Yuri are Great guys. I also want to thanks all MSFTs, MVPs, MCCs, who are always helping out on the Wiki.

  2. I thank you again for your great work. 🙂 Congrats Again #TNWIKI

  3. I am pleased to have been cited, thanks a lot about the opportunity =)

  4. I also want to say thank you to Horizon Net for the German portal and thank you to the guys behind TN Wiki Days. That's a fantastic idea! It's a huge honor to be part of a strong international community!

  5. It is an honor to be mentioned in the article, thank you.

    Congratulations on the commitment and dedication to the project Wiki


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    You can find the list of authors here:
    Wiki Ninjas Blog: The Contributors

    Anyone can join us

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    This blog is a follow up to our last list of Wiki Ninja Blog Authors: Council Spotlight: Who are the

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    Hello Community!
    Today is Wiki Life and I’ll talk about the Blog for TechNet Wiki (Wiki Ninjas

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