Top #TNWiki Articles of the Week! – Tony Soper leads the pack!

Later in the day on Fridays (typically) I will blog an update about how we did this past week!

In the future we'll also have the top Editors of the week and the top New Article Authors, but we need to give those systems some time to catch up. We'll also tie the winners into a new system we're working on called Wiki Ninjas Belt Rankings. More on that later, because it's a work in progress.

So let's get started...

Today we're going to highlight the contributors of the articles that have had the most views this week:

The way this works is that these points are added to the contributor's Profile Recognition Points (click here for more info on Recognition points). because these points are based on quality measures (specifically how many people are reading the articles), then the points go to their overall Recognition Points. This enables the average reader to see how successful any given contributor is in the community. Specifically, each article has a set of view milestones it must meet. These 10 milestones range from 500 views to 1,000,000 views. The author receives points for each milestone, which range between 5 points (for the 500 view milestone) and 2,500 points (for the 1,000,000 view milestone). Also for each edit that a contributor makes on that milestone, the editor receives a portion of an available set of points, depending upon their edit quantity and the milestone reached. Those points an editor receives range from 1 point to 2,500 points. If all that sounds confusing, the short version is that these contributors who received a lot of points got them by authoring articles and being a major contributor on articles that are being read by the community.


So here are some of Tony Soper's articles that have recently reached milestones:

That's quite an accomplishment! Check out some of those articles and contribute if you have anything to add!

You can check out all of Tony's Wiki articles here.


Now let's jump to the first non-Microsoft person on the Top 10 Popular Contributor's list, Dinakar! Here are Dinakar's recent article milestones:

Check out those articles as well, and contribute if you've got something! And...

Great job to both of our featured Popular Contributors of the week!


If you haven't yet, check out our other posts on this blog, and have a great weekend (also if you haven't yet)!

And your question for the NOW... What technologies are most popular right now? Do you think the article views reflect that? Leave your answers in the Comments below!


- Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)


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  1. The contributor points are back up for top editors of the week!

  2. It's been a while since we've tracked contributor points like this (we currently announce contributions/edits instead). Anybody have a preference?

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