Your Favorite Office 365 Feature: The Results are In!

Earlier this month, we challenged you to tweet your answers to the question: “Which Office 365 feature do you rely on the most?”

Well, it wasn’t long before the responses came flooding in.

Many of you responded with features that you depend upon on a daily basis such as “track changes,” “team sites,” “concurrent document authoring,” “calendar,” “ActiveSync,” and “instant meetings.”

Others described benefits such as “low cost,” and “security & trust,” “access from anywhere,” “work from phone,” “problem solving,” “simple administration,” “automatic updates,” and “no spam.”

Some of you sent us the names of your favorite cloud-based services within Office 365 such as “Lync Online,”  “SharePoint Online,” “Exchange Online,” and “Office Web Apps.”

All terrific answers—we greatly enjoyed them! It’s amazing to see the breadth of features Office 365 our users depend upon, and the variety of benefits they derive from the full range of our cloud-based services.


As for the winner of the Xbox with Kinect—congratulations to Carlos Rojas! Carlos is a computer engineering student who’s “passionate about technology and research.” Thanks so much, Carlos, for participating!

A big thank you to all who took the time to provide answers! Your responses give us greater insight into the features that you depend upon for work and pleasure, and will help us shape blog posts of interest in the future. 

 Stay tuned for the results of the Part II twitter contest later this week.

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