BBVA Paraguay Improves Operational Efficiency and Customer Service with Microsoft SharePoint

  Despite implementing Google Apps as its communication platform, BBVA Paraguay is using the Microsoft SharePoint platform to run its critical business processes and improve organizational efficiency. We recently spoke to Pablo Estebanez, Operations, Transformation and Technology Director, for BBVA Paraguay to learn why:

Q: Please tell us about BBVA Paraguay.
Estebanez: BBVA is a global financial group founded in 1857. It has 8,000 offices around the world that serve more than 52 million customers. BBVA operates in 33 countries including those in Latin America, Europe, the United States, and Asia. BBVA Paraguay is a regional unit of BBVA that has had a presence in the country for more than 50 years.

Q: What challenges did BBVA Paraguay face that led it to adopt SharePoint? 
Estabanez: As our business grew and we expanded our client portfolio, more and more employees wanted to automate business processes as a way to speed up their work. We decided to create a special project department to build in mechanisms that would make our company operations more efficient. To improve efficiency, the department sought a technology solution with the security and features that would help us meet the stringent audit rules required of financial institutions like ours. We knew from other organizations’ experiences that Microsoft SharePoint had the flexibility we needed to create a project management platform that fit our specific needs.


Q: Why did BBVA Paraguay decide to adopt Microsoft SharePoint when it had already implemented Google Apps as its communication platform?
Estabanez: Although the bank had chosen Google Apps as its communication platform, this in no way limited us from adopting other applications and tools. Microsoft SharePoint was a solution that could easily be adapted to our needs, scaled up or down, and help us comply with audit requirements. It also made it possible to develop workflows very quickly.

Q: How is BBVA Paraguay leveraging SharePoint?
Estabanez: We currently have more than 12 business processes built using SharePoint workflows. We use SharePoint to help us evaluate credit requests and follow up with customers. We also use SharePoint to generate automated reports required by the government when money laundering is suspected. SharePoint workflows are also used to manage our purchasing process, including the request, negotiation, and award of purchase orders.

SharePoint is well regarded by our employees who like the ease with which it can be customized to meet their day-to-day work needs. Already, 53 percent of our workforce has incorporated workflows using SharePoint technology. In the future, we plan to create a self-service model that will allow employees to create their own workflows.

Q: What benefits are you experiencing by using SharePoint 2010?
Estabanez: SharePoint is helping us to make the bank’s operations more efficient. For example, the loan request process used to involve a substantial amount of paperwork and suffered from the loss of information, process duplication, and delays. With SharePoint, we now know how many requests are in the system and when they are due, which helps us to provide better customer service.

SharePoint has enabled us to automate processes with the level of scalability, security, and information traceability that meets our needs. And the truth is that we have achieved results rapidly without having to make a major investment. BBVA Paraguay has close contact with the other BBVA regional units, which are also starting to recognize the great potential SharePoint has to help them improve efficiency.

For more success stories about people like Pablo Estebanez at BBVA Paraguay, read other real-world testimonials on the whymicrosoft website.

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