Weekly #WhyMSFT Round-Up 4/27/2012

Each week, we round up industry news and articles you might have missed. Enjoy this week’s selections.

Office 365 To Replace LearnLink For Email
Emory University will be switching to Microsoft Office 365 for University-wide email and calendar services, but will be keeping LearnLink for conference use only in fall 2012, according to Manager of Centers for Educational Technology Kim Braxton.

CloudStore Buy Sees Thousands of Ambulance Staff Move to Office 365
"What we saw is the advantage Lync gave, to introduce videoconferencing and conferencing, and awareness of presence into the organisation. That was a real bonus, so people could potentially travel less or be more efficient in their use of the time." -- Phil Collins, IM&T manager at WMAS

Increasing Business Efficiency Through Cloud Computing
For event agency iLUKA, flexible IT is key. Cloud computing provides a cheap and efficient, scalable system to meet their business needs.

Windows Live SkyDrive and Office 365
Windows Live is a great service for consumers, but Office 365 is a more serious option. If users of the Microsoft Office suite haven't yet seen Windows Live SkyDrive, they really should take a look at it.

What's the Best Online App Solution for Your Business?
The two contenders: Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business. Which is your organization's best bet? Ed Bott and Chris Dawson debate the pros and cons of each.

Microsoft's Design Drive
To win, or even just to survive, in what has become a consumer-driven industry, products need to be eye candy that force shoppers to take a second look.

Windows 8 Enterprise to Embrace 'Bring Your Own Device' Culture
Microsoft has bowed to the age of consumerisation and 'bring your own device' (BYOD), announcing features in the next version of its business OS, Windows 8 Enterprise, it hopes will fit in with the trend towards device hopping and home working.


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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Is there better support? says:


    You always talk about Office 365 being 24/7, enterprise ready, better than other options, etc.  But I have some bad news regarding support, or lack thereof.  

    First, I tried to create 2 new site collections in my (paid) E3 Office tenant. However, they would not complete creating after a very long period and many refreshes. So I called support as suggested when I started to fill out a Service Request – the number for the U.S. for the record was 1-800-865-9408.

    To be fair, it was Saturday night at about 6pm. But I know the advantage of Microsoft support is something you tout, so I figured someone would be available to help me. I called and after about 10 minutes, no one picked up. I tried again as if I maybe got the wrong support line. Same result – NO one picked up. I tried again with other number options like the billing ones just to see if I could any human to pick up and transfer me to the right people. Nothing – even got a recording saying literally “we are closed”.

    So I finished completing the Service Request and it’s now 90 minutes later and I still do not have my site collections working. Guess I will have to wait until Monday when everyone gets back in for Microsoft.

    I just figured you would want to know.

    E3 Plan Man

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