What is Googlighting?

Googlighting is what happens when the world's largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side. In fact, according to Gartner, Google Apps accounts for merely 0.5% of the ad company’s revenue after five years of Googlighting. Meanwhile, Microsoft enjoys its trustworthy reputation in the cloud; with 40% of companies from the Interbrand list of top 100 brands.

Many businesses find that Googlighting also means taking shortcuts, making assumptions about how people *should* work, and generally failing to build and deploy solutions which meet a wide range of business needs. If these concerns and current revelations about Google's privacy policies have you troubled, this may be a great time to check out Office 365, the online collaboration solution for businesses who don't want their documents and mail read.


The single, biggest difference between our approach and Google’s is expertise. Don’t get me wrong. The folks at Google are smart. Without any experience in developing business tools, they rebranded their consumer e-mail and embedded it with a few web applications, and “Voila!” there was a “business” offering. The problem is that retrofitting consumer apps for businesses doesn’t work very well. Even organizations “Going Google” recognize that it comes with big compromises. Such was the case for Panama City, Florida which had to extend Google Docs to suit their needs. Panama City’s network admin, Richard Ferrick, noted the deficiencies by saying:

“Really, without using CloudLock, Google Docs, in my opinion, is not an enterprise-level product”.

When Google began developing productivity tools, they banked on the fact that their web roots would give them instant credibility. However, as they quickly discovered, announcing new customers is one thing, deploying and keeping them is another. So after almost five years in the market, why has Google struggled to attract less than 2% of the market?

Businesses cannot trust Google to stick by them. All companies sunset products and services, but the trustworthy ones provide customers with plenty of notice and a path forward. Not so with Google.The latest example is their e-mail continuity service, which they just killed with no notice or help for businesses using it.  A ‘my way or the highway’ approach may be easier, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do

Want to move your organization’s e-mail to the cloud with Google while keeping other applications on premises? It's not going to happen. Google is 100% web, and according to them, you should be too. Yet that’s not how analysts see it. Gartner Group’s Matt Cain predicts that 55% of businesses will be using cloud-based e-mail in 2020. We’ll meet those businesses' needs AND the needs of the other 45% who aren’t interested in Google’s vision for how they should work. We’re about productivity, and to that end, we’re supporting the needs of all businesses by enabling them to work how, when and where they want.
We store your data only for your use, while Google reserves the right to use your data. We understand that our customers are interested in how we collect, use and store their customer information. To that end, we created the Office 365 Trust Center. It provides greater transparency about the privacy and security practices for Office 365. The American Heart Association took a long look at Google Apps before deciding to go with Office 365. In an interview, American Heart Association CIO Michael Wilson stated:

"Google changes their privacy agreements for a lot of different reasons, just like Facebook. Some of them appear to be commercially oriented, and that concerned us".

It’s clear the American Heart Association isn’t alone in questioning whether Google’s primary focus as an advertising company puts it at odds with the security and privacy needs of customers and users. At Microsoft, we don't make your business, our business.

Enabling Quality Work  
When customers take time to create and collaborate on documents, they want a usable interface and reliable output, including when they share the results in the cloudEligeo IT, the Canadian IT services firm and former Google Apps reseller, knew from their experience with messaging and file fidelity issues in using Google Apps, that in order to expand their business they needed to both use and recommend Microsoft’s online services. They switched to using and consulting on Microsoft cloud solutions. According to  CEO, Derek Major:

“Simply put: The Microsoft solution works better than Google Apps… The word is spreading that Microsoft has a really strong cloud-based productivity and collaboration solution. We’re able to back up that growing perception with our own great experience using the solution, which has given our sales a tremendous boost.”

To be truly enterprise-class requires focus and a commitment to building solutions that work for a wide range of people. It requires complete commitment, not just your spare time. After five years, isn’t it time for Google to get that?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    @Launa, @Monica, @Sash:  I’m glad you see these points.

    @Becky:  Yes, while Office 365 includes Exchange Online, you may not have heard that Office 365 includes SharePoint Online for document sharing and collaboration, Lync Online for IM, presence and conferencing, and Office Web Apps. In discussing alternate email implementations, Matt Cain of Gartner states: “Organizations are also looking for systems with the ability to meet specific security, content control and application integration needs.” (http://bit.ly/tPu10a).  Unlike other cloud providers, Microsoft offers a range of Office 365 packages (http://bit.ly/xO5jav) so an organization can suit their specific needs.

    Through Office 365 customers can enable the best cloud security today (http://bit.ly/vZ6bNj), use the best communications today (http://bit.ly/qkrVmc), and work with a trusted provider which shares its cloud practices very publicly, including where your data resides, who can access it and what we do with it (http://bit.ly/zgxl2F). We know in speaking with customers that companies which have invested in fluency with tools are not typically interested in a "rip and replace" approach, wholly abandoning investments which help them daily. Many Office 365 customers are small businesses (http://bit.ly/omcbco) leveraging Office 365 in part because of its value and wide range of capabilities. Enterprises (http://bit.ly/xRbO1O) are attracted to the Office 365 E plan which includes Office Professional Plus, as well as the flexibility, potential savings (http://bit.ly/wcoWq4), capabilities and value coming from cloud deployment in Office 365.  

    You might not know that Office is based on the OpenXML standard. Also, Office is also the largest deployment for the ODF standard, which public sector clients commonly require.  Google Docs, on the other hand, is based on a proprietary standard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @Derik:  Here is how to get started with Office 365: http://bit.ly/yj3ckb . Unlike with Office 365, Google Apps users often find that they are tripped up having to install third party tools and add-ins to arrive at a complete productivity solution. Google Apps $50/per user/year price tag doesn’t seem like a strong value. Google Apps for business is missing critical features and functionality that you get at no additional cost with Microsoft products. Adding those missing features and functionality can cost you more for deployment, IT support, user training and lost productivity.  Google customers need to acquire tools such as WebEx to videoconference with more than 4 people. Its cost is $468 per user per year (http://bit.ly/yDvntf). Then, for example, there are one-time costs like the Exchange to Google Apps Migrator at $20 per user (http://bit.ly/xxGLjm), and the Shared Contacts Service at $49-349 per user (http://bit.ly/bTovUF).

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Mike:  At $6/user/month businesses all over the world find Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite, Office 365 to be an excellent value (http://bit.ly/xDNQY5), easy to use, and full of capabilities they need and use (http://bit.ly/AqOrbm). While Google limited its free lunch (http://bit.ly/md9HIm ) Office 365 customers avoid the hidden costs of Google Apps (http://bit.ly/jbB4of), as well!

    As for someone who qualified for a “free” lunch, Office 365 customer ESL Industries says: “We had tried Google Docs but found that it was a departure from the Microsoft software we’d already invested in. Sometimes the free offering is not always the best offering.”(http://bit.ly/mXUtyw). Office 365 customer, Colonial Williamsburg tells us: “We asked the accounting team to help us by recreating some of the spreadsheets they had in Microsoft Excel in Google Spreadsheets. A lot of the business intelligence modeling [features] in Excel were not available in Google Apps. And for our financial people, those were non-starters. When it came to presentations, Google didn't offer the breadth of functionality our users were used to. We quickly realized Google would not meet our needs, so asking our employees to put up with less functionality was not an option for us.” (http://bit.ly/zFdmFY)

  4. Launa says:

    So very funny and well done! I'm happy to see MS standing up for itself in a way that is relevant and aware.

  5. aaron says:

    I love the part where he bashes Google about their apps changing and everyone quietly forgets that Office introduced the terrible ribbon bar which keeps me from being as productive as possible in the rare occasions I find myself in a Windows-only shop with locked down security policies that prevent me from installing an free piece of software.  *cough*openoffice*cough*.

  6. No way says:

    So cheap and desperate… pathetic

  7. Stu says:

    Awful nice of Google to host this video for you…

  8. bill says:

    This is classic!  I love it since it's so true.  Google just changed their product and all my spreadsheet files stopped working with no notice. . .

  9. Monica says:

    It's nice to see Microsoft calling Google out for its practices.  How can a business count on a company that is constantly killing and changing its products?  Google makes me nervous.  I can see using their services for personal needs, but a profitable company needs a company like Microsoft.  This was an informative blog entry and a funny video.  Nice job!

  10. Sash says:

    Hahaha great stuff. It is true Google makes me nervous, edgy, sometimes to the point of wanting to dump Google. Everyday it's something else, a sudden change, something not working right, narrowing choices, bugs . . it's very true. I don't work for MS either but I know what I'm talking about believe me.  

  11. Anoop C Nair says:

    It's nice to see how Google reacts about this. Well, I see there are some new players in the market which are looking very interesting when it comes to online sharing. One such tool which I've come across is CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/ seems very powerful. Waiting for this one. You must check out their video its amazing http://www.youtube.com/watch

  12. Ariady Putra says:

    You need to reform your marketing division MS. These efforts are pathetic.



  13. spiderenet369 says:

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  14. Hina Naz says:

    By this video concept of effective productive selling is demoralizing..



  15. kenny says:

    I'm just not sure why Microsoft used a consumer marketing agency to create this video. Consumer marketing strategies just aren't effective with enterprise businesses. Microsoft risks actually losing customer support in its consumer divisions over stuff like this. It is bad PR, and it won't win over the enterprise customers that are already locked in to Microsoft's offerings.

  16. Fábio says:


    Nossa que medo do Google, Microsoft, é só falar que tem medo não precisa ficar criando vídeos idiotas assim.

  17. Razmataz says:

    "making assumptions about how people *should* work"

    You mean like Ribbon Bar and Clippy ?

  18. Becky says:

    This is what happens when old, slow to respond companies get desperate. I'll say it again, MS is selling to the IT crowd of yesteryear, not to the the IT users of tomorrow. The users of tomorrow are Facebook and Twitter users where change just happens. And, as usual, MS's blog post is full of false information. First, Office 365 is not even a real "Cloud" solution; wake up people! It's nothing more than a hosted Exchange environment. Don't believe me? Ask people who are running BPOS how their "transition" to O365 is going! I find MS's point laughable.

    Expertise: bashing Google for, in less than 5 years, building what took MS 10+ years. And why is MS now playing catch up with O365 and trying to be more like Google?

    Trust: Does MS really think people trust them?

    Flexibility: You do not have to get rid of your on-premise applications; that is more MS fodder. If MS wants to claim they are flexible, then why are so many customers pigeon-holed into having to use Office? Oh, because it's not open and extensible…i.e. not flexible

    Privacy: MS just doesn't understand; the Google Enterprise TOS and so forth are not the same as Consumer. Google cannot/will not use any of your data…period. Something you should know about O365 though, according to their TOS, they, or their partners, reserve the right to move your data at any time without notifying you, the consumer. Why are MS partners accessing "your data"?

    Enabling Quality of Work: Again, any fidelity issues people have with Office are due to MS, not the other vendors. Open Office, Google, etc all have fidelity issues with MS products because MS does not use standards openly; open your eyes customers, again, you have been shoe horned into HAVING to use Office.

    MS is threatened by anything that takes revenue away from Office; anyone that knows MS knows that is where they make the majority of their money. Don't believe it? Than why do you still have to have Office Professional in order to have full "fidelity and functionality" with Office 365?

    Think for yourself, customers, and use your brains…

  19. Fernando Rotermund says:

    Toda a propaganda que a Microsoft faz contra alguém me faz pensar “nossa os caras estão desesperados mesmos” e mesmo com o Windows Phone 7 com  menos de 1% do mercado de eles ainda vão lançar o Windows 8 com aquele tal de “Metrô” (URG).

    Eu não sou muito chegado aos produtos da Apple, mas devo admitir que pelo menos ela investe no caminho certo, consolidando o seu sistema operacional que fica cada dia mais apetitoso ao meu ver.

  20. Derik says:

    +1 Becky…Tony, you are kind of proving her point. See, Google integration "just is", you activate Google, and it just works. With Office 365, you (you meaning Microsoft) have to get the integration working between the different platforms; Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, etc. Google implementations are not a "rip and replace", as you suggest, no more than your transition from BPOS is to Office 365; now that is a rip and replace. In fact, during a Google transition, you can set up full mail synchronization and mail delivery. There are also lots of customers that run both Google and Exchange just fine. I constantly feel like Microsoft just doesn't get it…again…

  21. John says:

    Google? Sounds like Microsoft apps…

  22. PopularBlogSite.com says:

    This is excellence. Finally a good read.

  23. Anon says:

    Aren't you forgetting that Microsoft is also doing ads?

    I just think that you're losing clients because of Google, you just complimented Google by making this ad, instead of innovating you try to blame someone else.

    Nice Google, keep up the good work!

  24. Derik says:

    @Tony, see, you just don't get it do you? This is the problem with Microsoft and why Google is eating your lunch. Need I remind you that I worked for Quest Software for 8 years. What is one of their bread and butter businesses? Microsoft Migrations! You forget that nearly everyone has an upfront, one-time cost to implement. Think about GroupWise users, Notes users, etc. Again, look at your own requirements to migrate from BPOS to Office 365; lot's of up front costs there; if there wasn't, why would you have ADMT? Why would Quest be selling millions of dollars in migration tools? Also, why does Microsoft offer customers "Jump Start Funds"? Oh, that's right, to offset the initial cost of implementation 🙂

    I won't address the Webex comment because there are other solutions out there and Google, being the innovator they are, are going to have a answer for that in the very near future.

  25. kim says:

    Awesome.  Just awesome.  Finally, Microsoft telling it like it is against their competitors.  Where have you been Microsoft?

  26. Gone Google!!! says:

    office 365 is nothing compared to Google apps, shame on microsoft on such a pathetic marketing strategy!!!

  27. Matt says:

    I've *never* felt productive (much less collaboratively productive) in the silo suite that is MS Office. OTOH, I've never not been productive in google apps…

    I can launch outlook, then launch chrome, then load up google mail and process half a dozen messages before outlook finishes bootstrapping and becomes even remotely responsive. It's a dinosaur.

  28. Trott says:

    @Anoop: Thanks for the link. Can you pls share some information about the product? Is it like Dropbox?? It says easier than Excel, better than Google Docs. Is the product really that way??

  29. alex says:

    This is just very pathetic from Microsoft. Instead of waisting your time with this kind of propaganda against Google, focus on creating better products.

  30. Steve Ballmer says:

    Microsoft tries to buy your love. Fails. Shuts it down. Thinks up something equally lame. Tries again. Fails again. Repeat.

  31. Tom Rizzo - MSFT says:

    Fraudulent comment has been removed here.

  32. Mark McClure says:

    I'm surprised they didn't incorporate a part about how you can delete something and Google can keep it without your consent due to their new privacy policy.

  33. Ian Ray says:


    "Google customers need to acquire tools"

    I would argue that Google customers _can_ acquire third-party, Google account-connected tools. Google Apps users _can_ bolt on SmartSheet and SAP Streamwork. What are some of the tie-ins for third-party Web applications using Office 365?

    "such as WebEx to videoconference with more than 4 people. Its cost is $468 per user per year"

    Google Plus can videoconference 10 people. I used WebEx for $199 per year for 8-person phone conferences… not exactly $468 per user.

    "Then, for example, there are one-time costs like the Exchange to Google Apps Migrator at $20 per user"

    I managed to migrate Exchange accounts without paying for any third-party tool. It was not very difficult except for a handful of 10GB+ email boxes. Dual-delivery can be used in the meantime while migrating (uses both Exchange and Gmail simultaneously).

    "(http://bit.ly/xxGLjm), and the Shared Contacts Service at $49-349 per user (http://bit.ly/bTovUF)."

    SherpasTools Directory Manager works well. It can import a shared contact list from a Google Spreadsheet or existing contacts and sync these with a distributed list. The regular version is free and premier version is $6 per user, not $350.

    This line of marketing to compare costs by Microsoft is silly. Office Professional Plus licenses are $600 and new versions come out every few years. The version of Office 365 which appears to work with all of the touted features is (correct me if I'm wrong) $288 / user / year.

    Cloudlock-an excellent example of cloud software this blog has mentioned as being part of the "problem" of Google allowing third-party software-is released an Office 365 version in 2012.


    Hopefully, in the future, Office 365 will catch up and allow users to be "tripped up" with the ability to use third-party tools. This is the one big feature that held me back from BPOS and now from even considering Office 365.

  34. Ian Ray says:

    And on the non-tech side,

    Moonlighting? That is not exactly current. Bruce Willis is 56 years old now. This campaign is about as contemporary as using Jerry Seinfeld… but Microsoft already did that. What's next, Dick Van *** references?

  35. Piter3 says:

    Shame on you Microsoft. This is pathetic. If Google Docs is worse than Microsoft Office, then why are you so desperate?

  36. shailu says:

    The content you deliver is amazing. Reading your blog is always a great investment of my time. This is such an awesome article, Was looking for this for such a long time. THANKS!!

  37. paulo says:

    wth is that?

  38. Jim McNelis says:

    You mislead your audience by associating consumer products with Google Apps for Business, which is not subject to the new privacy changes.   If Google Apps was really how you describe it, Microsoft wouldn't be making smear videos…the service would be DOA.  

  39. decochelsea says:

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  40. mike says:

    Not sure why anyone would buy Microsoft Office at this point.

    You can either use MSOffice, and lug files back and forth from home/work and pay thousands of dollars per user per year (not to mention that you're locked into Windows laptops and desktops too), or you can use Google, access it all online, and be charged nothing.

    There are no brainers, and then there are lies.  Microsofts solutions are lies.  Google's are no-brainers.

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