Office 365 Saves Manufacturer 30% in IT Costs

Companies of all sizes, all around the world are making the move to cloud computing to take advantage of its immense benefits. In today’s post we hear from the Italian firm, Fox Bompani, on why Microsoft was the best decision for their business in their move to expand and embrace cloud computing!


"Office 365 really takes our business to the next level because it makes communication faster, reduces our IT costs, and increases our productivity.”

-- Maurizio Marchesini, Chief IT Officer, Fox Bompani

Fox Bompani
Established in 1954, Fox Bompani prides itself on combining Italian tradition and modern style with its high-end kitchen appliances and furniture.

IT Challenges
Bompani’s hybrid solution of email, VoIP, and online conferencing was inefficient and time-consuming. The company also wanted to minimize its IT costs associated with hardware, staff, and the third-party software it used for email archiving. The company’s on-premises server was costly to maintain, demanding 30 percent of a full-time IT position. Plus, IT staff had to spend time ensuring that software was up to date. This high-end business needed a high-end solution for communication and collaboration. The right solution would reduce IT costs while increasing productivity among Bompani’s employees. The manufacturer turned to its IT partner, Gruppo Infor, for guidance.

IT Solution and Benefits
Gruppo Infor recommended cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 to give Bompani fast, reliable communication tools for both in-house and mobile workers, while lowering the company’s IT costs. Bompani estimates that each employee saves about one hour per day now that it’s easier to find information, share contacts and calendars, and use email. For the 100 employees utilizing email at Fox Bompani, that amounts to 100 hours of saved time each day.

The Exchange Online calendar sharing helps users schedule meetings without sending emails back-and-forth, and the Lync Online virtual conferencing lets colleagues chat instantly or even have a face-to-face video conference. Office 365 eliminated the need for an on-premises server and freed up time for the IT staff that would support it, saving hundreds of hours of workers’ time and thousands of euros every year on hardware and software. With Office 365, Bompani estimates it will spend about 20% less in technology costs each year, and because Office 365 ensures that software is always up to date, there’s no need for ongoing IT maintenance.

In addition to dramatically reducing Bompani’s IT costs, Office 365 has boosted employee productivity and improved the quality of communication between its two sites. The ability to work from anywhere means staff can now get significantly more done in a workday than before. Since documents are well-organized and easy to access, Marchesini says that his staff can respond to customers in less time, resolving customer inquiries about 25% faster than before. That strengthens Bompani’s reputation for excellent customer service.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    @Stanly Jones: At $6/user/month for small businesses and $10/user/month for larger businesses, companies all over the world are finding Office 365 to be a great value ( Bompani wanted to minimize its IT costs associated with hardware,staff, and the third-party software it used for email archiving.The company’s on-premises server was costly to maintain, demanding 30 percent of a full-time IT position. Plus,IT staff had to spend time ensuring that software was up-to-date. According to this manufacturer’s Chief It Officer: “We were spending so much time and money maintaining our IT systems that we knew we needed to make the move online.”

  2. Stanly Jones says:

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