Major Updates, New Markets for Office 365

It’s a great day for Office 365 customers! Today, Microsoft announced new capabilities and trial availability for customers in 22 additional markets around the world.  For a list of countries where Office 365 is newly available see Office 365 adds 22 Additional Markets, New Features and Continues Record Growth Rate. New and existing Office 365 customers…


Manufacturer Sees More Value in Microsoft Online Services than Google Apps

Today we hear from UK-based SBFI on why Microsoft was the best decision for their business in their move to cloud computing!   “When we looked at the actual difference in price over a 12-month period, and the amount of grief we’d have gone through with Google, sticking with Microsoft was the clear-cut choice.” –Phil…


Weekly #WhyMSFT Round-Up 11/25/2011

Each week, we round up industry news and articles you might have missed. Enjoy this week’s selections. Microsoft Reports Over 22 Million Live@edu Users”Office 365 for education will include everything available in Office 365 for enterprises, helping teachers save time and manage their curricula while giving students access to tools that make learning more inspiring,…


University Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Email Service by 40 Percent

Organizations of all sizes, all around the world are making the move to cloud computing in order to take advantage of the immense benefits that it has to offer. Today we learn why Microsoft was the best decision for European University Cyprus in their move to embrace cloud computing!   “Microsoft Online Services helped us…


Weekly #WhyMSFT Round-Up 11/18/2011

Each week, we round up industry news and articles you might have missed. Enjoy this week’s selections. Microsoft Office 365 and Doing Business in the CloudLaunched globally at the end of June this year, Office 365 represents a radical move by software giant Microsoft to shift its premium productivity, communications and collaboration products into the…


Polytechnic Modernizes Communication and Collaboration Platform to Save $300,000

In today’s post we hear from Croatia-based Polytechnic of Zagreb on why Microsoft was the best decision for their institution in their move to cloud computing! “With Live@edu, we communicate more efficiently, and daily operations function better than ever. The system blocks almost all spam and viruses, and users can access their data from anywhere.” –Slaven…


Microsoft Tools Prepare Students for the Workplace

In this post I plan to share why schools, colleges and universities use Microsoft cloud and desktop services. Students, administrators and educators are using the hosted service, Live@edu to collaborate and be productive with email and calendaring. In fact, while educators have counted on Microsoft tools for decades, Live@edu has become the world’s most widely…


Google Atmosphere or “Admosphere”?

Are you ad-opting a productivity vendor or advertising partner? At Atmosphere today, Google will try to court CIOs. CIOs are a tough audience, and they should be.  They are looking for solutions to increase productivity, foster collaboration and take their organizations to the next level in an efficient and effective way. This is serious business….


Clearing the Atmosphere

On Monday, Google is hosting Atmosphere, their conference to convince CIOs to buy Google Apps. In the run up to the event, they’ve been briefing reporters, and because I’ve been pretty vocal (1, 2, 3) about the gaps in Google’s strategy, I’ve been getting some calls too. Of course, I’m happy to help! Below, I’ll…


Weekly #WhyMSFT Round-Up 11/11/2011

Each week, we round up industry news and articles you might have missed. Enjoy this week’s selections. How Yo! Sushi Saved 40% by Moving to Cloud ComputingFast-food chain YO! Sushi hopes never to buy a server again, according to its IT Manager Billy Waters, and is placing its bets on cloud computing to improve productivity….