Get Started With Office 365!

The wait is over! Office 365 brings together Microsoft cloud productivity services in a secure, reliable, and flexible package. Better yet, it has been tested by over 200,000 organizations and Office 365 is available today to businesses of all sizes in 40 markets around the world. You’ll find that whether you want to connect via a mobile device, PC or browser to work with others and take action quickly, Office 365 will help you.

“Great collaboration is critical to business growth, and because it’s so important, we believe the best collaboration technology should be available to everyone. With a few clicks, Office 365 levels the playing field, giving small and midsize businesses powerful collaboration tools that have given big businesses an edge for years.”

---Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

Businesses can buy Office 365 or elect a 30 day trial. You will learn more about Microsoft’s announcement in Steve Ballmer's webcast.

If you’re not already using the service, chances are that you’ve been learning about it, or waiting and watching for this news. The launch is generating excitement in the press, such as this analysis from Richard Waters of The Financial Times. Office 365 for small businesses and Office 365 for enterprises are available, and now is the time to get started with Office 365!

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  1. Ian Ray says:

    It seems like the multiple plans would be okay except for the lack of https on sharepoint for lower plans.

    One of the aspects of BPOS touted prior to this was how complete the BPOS subscription was (although still needing CloudLock or similar) while Zoho, Google Apps, etc. relied on a modular subscription approach. As Microsoft has abandoned the BPOS simple and complete pricing scheme, perhaps there is room for a modular addition of https access for basic plans? This could be additional in the way that MDOP can be added to InTune.

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