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Top Resources on Why Microsoft Website: Part 2 of 3

Last week in part 1 of the Top Resources on the Why Microsoft web site: “Office Web Apps vs. Google Docs - See for Yourself” we illustrated that when you use Google Apps to open a Word document in the cloud and share with others, part of your content is likely to be missing or modified unexpectedly. This week, I posted the part 2 on The Future of Productivity blog to share the recently released “Look Before You Leap” white paper and learning from our customers who found that Google Apps could cost considerably more than the annual fee of $50/user.  Be sure to check it out.

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  1. Ian Ray says:

    I didn't experience any of these "hidden costs" listed aside from supporting Outlook as a client for the handful of users who didn't want to switch.

    "Google Apps didn’t allow for single-sign-on service or user migration and couldn’t help us centrally manage our multiple domains."

    Three flat out lies. Just because this person couldn't figure it out does not mean it is not allowed.

  2. Ian Ray says:

    I've been testing Office 365 beta and I still can't figure out a number of things and other things are fairly annoying.

    First and foremost, thing I still can't figure out… how do I turn off services individually? For instance, in Google Apps, there are 9 main services and 63 other services that can be individually toggled on off based on organizational membership or individual resolved settings. In the GA admin panel, I can turn off email but leave calendar on (for users who aren't supposed to have organizational email access but need to be able to see calendars). In Office 365, I can "license" Exchange… How do I turn off email only? Is there at least a way to turn off outside email? When I turn off "Exchange license", calendar doesn't work.

    Annoying = pop-up windows and constant new tabs in admin panel. The Admin panel for Google Apps is so nice and clean and set in one unified interface. GA panel looks and acts like a website. Everything I need to do is in plain sight and in plain English. In this Office 365 admin panel, I click on something and it opens up a new tab with a new terse list of options that don't sound anything like what I clicked. What's up with that guys?

    So I tried again to turn off email… and a pop-up window? So it looks like I can add a group membership… where is the off toggle?

    And the general user interface… pop-up windows, seriously? I have worn many hats and been a web programmer by trade before… are you kidding me with a pop-up window interface in 2011? I'm surprised there is no flash-splash page and mp3s playing in the background.

    I've been very interested in this software for months and trying it is a big letdown. The interface is funky and the admin panel is okay but confusing since I can't find what I want to do. If you guys could just follow these tips, this would be so much better.

    1. No pop-up windows or ability to turn off.

    2. Have toggle buttons.

    3. Speak plain English everywhere (or plain Spanish, Japanese, etc.)

    More user inferface: why do I get lost so easily as a user? I get to outlook and sometimes the buttons to go to "Team Site" (which crashes on Firefox from certain actions but I trust you all will fix some bugs eventually), but sometimes the buttons are not there. This is not good website architecture. The microsoft.com website itself doesn't do this, why does the Office 365? And what's up with the bright blue annoying heading color? Look over at the tag cloud on this blog, that's a nice blue color. Use that.

    I don't understand why I need to add to the live network just to make documents in sharepoint online.

    "    * This site may be experiencing a problem

       * The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network"

    Every other click on sharepoint online "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page." Why suddenly not using pop-up windows or tabs where I would prefer they work… what is going on? Pop-ups and new tabs everywhere I don't want them, but loads on the same page while I'm trying to edit my links, a situation where new tabs would be nice. *sigh*

    Things I like:

    Being able to drag calendar etc. pane. Very nice.

    Clear file extensions.

    Icons for sharepoint templates and clear template explanations.

  3. Larry says:

    With all their hype around their price, it's good to see someone took the time to dissect it. . . bravo.

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