WinWire Technologies Leaves Google Apps for Microsoft’s Cloud

I am pleased to highlight WinWire Technologies as another customer who has selected Microsoft Online after finding that Google Apps was not ready for their business.  You can read the full  case study here. 

WinWire Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Certified Managed Partner that had moved to Google Apps in 2007, a year before we had announced BPOS was available in a multi tenant offering.    WinWire is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with two offices in India and 150 employees.  I actually think the fact that WinWire is a partner makes this such a strong story.  They are by the nature of their business, very much in need of collaboration tools, work with customers etc in a consultative nature.  Their exposure to enterprise customers using Microsoft tools means they understand what expectations to place on a productivity suite.  The issues with Outlook to Gmail sync and lightweight Docs and Spreadsheets taxes users and IT alike.

 “We felt that Google was geared to consumers and small businesses that had minimal support requirements,” says Raj Badarinath, Vice President of Marketing for WinWire. “We didn’t feel that it was geared to growing businesses or enterprises. We wanted to expand, improve, and customize our online services and didn’t feel that Google would be the right fit for us.” WinWire migrated all 150 employees to Microsoft Online Services in one weekend. 

As always, you can read more testimonials like this on our dedicated customer page on the site. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    @Jim  Thanks for the comment.  BPOSS is the multitenant version that will be around as Office 365 comes to market.  All SaaS services from Salesforce, AWS, BPOS to Google Apps have scheduled downtime.  In fact, Google reserves the right to have the highest level of scheduled downtime per year in the industry at 12 hours.

    Customer will be migrated to Office 35 at their discretion with a year window. Unlike other approaches like Google, we don't think customers like change without ability to plan. Google's recent move to the new Docs and Spreadsheets is a great example how they stranded customers by having two versions of the solution in tandem so users had two expereinces and couldn't bring older documents over.  That's not ideal for business users.

    The quote you cite is great as it showcases the downside of having different applications at once . Google Apps approach to have a marketplace stresses IT to manage many services and connections, most of whihc are NOT enabled for SSO is chaos.  Users leave the system etc and end up buying features included in BPOS.  

    Both companies have systems that work, but we differ greatly on our ability to deliver for business users.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the comment and we are again thrilled to have you as a customer!  Congratulations on the roll out.


  3. Jim McNelis says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Congratulations on winning back one of your existing partners.  It is good to have partners that use and believe in the service they are selling.  

    How much longer is BPOS-S going to be around?  Does BPOS have scheduled downtime?  Any outages in the last 6 months? Will BPOS stay in play with Office 365 coming down the pipe?  How many versions of hosted email do you guys offer, anyways?

    I want to point out a key highlight from the success story (which also talks about past issues in Google Apps that have since been addressed, in several instances):

    "Over time, employees in the company’s California headquarters and India development centers added a mix of Microsoft and open source communications programs, ****which complicated communications and created difficulties for the IT staff.****"   – that sentence speaks for itself.

  4. Raj Badarinath (VP, WinWire) says:

    Andrew, thanks for the coverage and the feedback. We have been excited to switch and are thrilled with the results thus far! Our consultants are reporting less problems with accessing email and other information from client sites and have not suffered any outages thus far.

    Best regards


  5. tom says:

    Way to go Microsoft. Winning back another large corporation for BPOS! Oh wait, they are a few hundered people. Oh wait, they're a Microsoft partner. This sounds like Serena. WinWire – if you want to see the BPOS uptime record – go to Twitter and search on the tweets of rjbrister – they tell the whole story.

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