Intero Real Estate Goes to the Cloud with Microsoft

Today we released a great case study about Intero Real Estate and their decision to go with Microsoft Online after evaluating Google Apps.   In fact, just last week yours truly presented a webinar on TechRepublic along with three other customers who actually left Google Apps for many of the same issues identified by Intero Real Estate.  You…


Office 365 and the Family Tree – Leadership

Today we are excited to announce, Office 365, a new brand of services that I believe will lead customers to increase their adoption of cloud services. For the official news of the day, I recommend you visit our event  site. Go sign up for the BETA! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve announced several…


State of California Selects CSC and BPOS! Google Can’t Meet Needs of the State.

Today, I am pleased to hear that the State of California awarded CSC a contract to migrate its current multiple e-mail applications to a cloud-based solution with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).Please take time to read more about the announcement.  California is by far the most populous state in the United States and is…


Is Google App Engine Enterprise-Ready?

Hi folks, my name is Johanna White, and I’m a senior product manager in Microsoft’s Online Services group. I’ve been at Microsoft for three years, first running the Ramp Up program (a free online learning program for developers), and then working on the SharePoint team before I moved to Online Services to focus on developers….

Real World with Microsoft Online Services: Interview with Christian Kuttler, Director of Information and Communication Technology at Center Parcs

As part of the Real World Microsoft Online Services series, we spoke to Christian Kuttler, Director of Information and Communication Technology at Center Parcs, about replacing Google Apps with the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. Here’s what he had to say:   Q: Tell us about the Center Parcs business model. Kuttler: Center Parcs…


15 Customers Who Switched to Microsoft Office After Evaluating

One way to make sure people remember what you have to say is to say something unexpected.  Generally what people expect from Microsoft is for us to explain why our products are better than competitors’.  It’s not very surprising to hear us talk about why we love our own software.  It’s true we might not…