Codelco is ‘All In’ with BPOS – Mining the Cloud for Savings

Codelco, the world's largest copper mining company is 'All In' with BPOS!  Today on the MS Online blog we are proud to provide a guest post by Marco Orellana, CIO of Codelco.  You can also watch a great video interview between Marco and Chris Capossela, SVP of Microsoft Business Division.  Codelco is a Chilean State owned copper mining company formed in 1976 with headquarters in Santiago. It is the largest copper producing company in the world with more than 18,000 workers and pre-tax profits of over $4 billion in 2009.

There is a great storyline's here with this customer win. 

Codelco has taken advantage of the Microsoft Online 'deskless' product to provide email to mine workers who were once disenfranchised from IT because of cost.  This is EXACTLY what Forrester analyst, Ted Schadler wrote about in last years report,  "Tier Your Workforce To Save Money With Cloud-Based Corporate Email; Forrester Finds Customers Can Save “$1.3 Million Annually With Exchange Online Deskless Worker”   Given the flexibility of the BPOS suite, customers can buy solutions that map to their needs.  If you want just mail, Exchange Online is available.  If you want just SharePoint, we'll support that as well.  And if you have workers who need to participate in the flow of information and replace the 'bulletin board' in the break room, we can support a lighter weight solution for them via the deskless offering.  NET. 

They selected BPOS because as opposed to other solutions in the market, you don't under-buy for your core Information Workers with 'good enough' or over-buy for the task, deskless worker with huge inboxes, video, IM, etc.  IT can meet business needs in a agile and cost effective way by managing all the workforce on one central system and bring the workforce together so they can focus on mining not stitching together IT across disparate solutions.  Win-Win. 


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