The University of Arizona picks BPOS

Today we are proud to announce that the University of Arizona has selected Microsoft Online as the messaging and collaboration platform for all faculty and staff.   Earlier in the month I highlighted  the fact that 10,000 institutions on every continent have enrolled with our Live@Edu offering in the just the last six months! 


Research Ready and Compliant

The University of Arizona often receives funding and grants for research from the government.  As a result, the IT department needs to provide staff with cutting edge tools that can increase collaboration but do so in a way that remains secure and compliant to rigorous standards. 

“With Microsoft‘s cloud-based service, we found a solution that will essentially bring us into the 21st century for communications tools. We have a complex environment and our employees demand modern-day technologies and Exchange functionality to be successful at their jobs,” said Michele Norin, chief information officer at University of Arizona. “We also have federal programs we need to comply with, so meeting ITAR and HIPAA rules are critical, and we came away more confident that Microsoft can help keep us compliant.”  You can also read up on our new BPOS Federal offering.


Their criterion for selecting BPOS is similar to the announcement by three universities in the UK who recently chose Microsoft’s cloud platform.  Chris Randle, IT director at UCL summed it up “Microsoft could tell the university exactly where its data would be held and said that it would keep the content of all emails private.” 

These statements offer a stark contrast from the discussions being had at the: University of California-Davis ,  UMass and Yale University, regarding deep privacy and security concerns related to the use of other solutions, namely Google Apps. 


Wisdom of Crowds - Diversity

So whether you are a large research university like UA or a union for the national sport or a small law office or a global Pharmaceutical firm, you can take comfort in the wisdom of others who found that Microsoft Online met their unique needs.  Sign up for a free trial today.    

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