New Zealand Rugby Union Picks BPOS

If you've never seen the NZ All Blacks Rugby Haka, it's truly one of the great events in any competitive sport. (see video below).  So we are proud this week to announce win for BPOS with The New Zealand Rugby Union.  As one of New Zealand’s largest sports organizations they are charged with fostering, developing, administering, promoting, and representing the game of rugby in New Zealand. In their guest blog post they share why the picked Microsoft Online over Google Apps to meet the needs of their organization.   They take IT as serious as they take the game of Rugby so it's great BPOS has been selected to be a partner with the New Zealand Rugby Union.


Just as I highlighted last week, the NZ Rugby also outlines why they've picked Microsoft instead of Google.  They discuss Google's lack of enterprise grade features, hidden costs and extra work for IT to support.  We look foward to supporting them as a customer and following the All Blacks in the 2001 Rugby World Cup.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love to read their guest post but get "Server Error: 404 …" – eek, can ya fix.


  2. Anonymous says:

    @Mike thx for comment and time to read post.   Apologies on link should work now.  TechNet Blog migrations today made the link go bad.  Happy reading.

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