When we dial the subscriber access number we get a message "Sorry the person you are trying to reach does not have a valid mailbox on our system."

I recently worked an issue where the Dialogic DMG 1008 Media Gateway would send diversion to the Exchange UM 2010 SP1 server and the net result was when we dialed the subscriber access number, we were presented with a message of, "Sorry the person you are trying to reach does not have a valid mailbox on our system".

1550 = John Doe extension
4200 = SA extension

The snip below shows a diversion header of “tel:4200” from the gateway to the UM server.  The UM server needs a diversion header with the users extension.  There is not a mailbox setup in UM for the SA and thus the error you get trying to leave a voice mail.  The current workaround is to configure the gateway to not send a diversion header.  This is a known issue and has not been addressed in SP1.

     |         |                   |      |                  
0    |5.795    |         INVITE SDP ( g711U g711A telephone-event CN)          |SIP From: "JOHN DOE"<sip:1550@;user=phone To:<sip:4200@;user=phone

INVITE sip:4200@;user=phone;transport=tcp SIP/2.0\\r\\n
From:\"JOHN DOE\"<sip:1550@;user=phone>;vnd.pimg.port=4;tag=6F533246313536410042A5DB\\r\\n
Diversion: <tel:4200>;reason=unconditional\\r\\n

Dialogic gateways provide some basic methods to manipulate CPID information by creating inbound TDM rules which manipulate the CPID information on the TDM side before it is converted to SIP and forwarded to UM. In the example below, we were able to set up an inbound TDM rule on the Dialogic gateway to strip away the redirecting party info if it matches 4200. This results in a regular SIP INVITE without a diversion header.


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  1. Keith says:

    Is there a way to fix this using Direct SIP from CM 6 AND EX2010 SP1?

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