A month is not a month?

An argument can be made that when viewing Meeting Trends Reports through the Hosted Live Meeting Manager, a month is a month, no matter what time zone the current logged in user is set to. In reality, a month is not a month when considering time zones.  The month of November in Eastern time starts earlier and ends earlier than the month of November in Pacific time.  The total number of meetings for November in Eastern time goes from midnight Eastern time on Nov 1 to 23:59:59 Eastern time on Nov 30.  The total number of meetings in Pacific time goes from midnight Pacific time on Nov 1 to 23:59:59 Pacific time on Nov 30.

For example, you have an arbitrary amount of meetings between 21:00pm-23:59:59 Pacific time on November 30, those meetings will show up as being November meetings in Pacific time, but they’ll show up as December meetings (Dec 1) in Eastern time.

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