The Configuration Manager Writers Blog is Undergoing a Moving Experience!

With the holidays behind us and now that we are nicely settled into 2009, it’s a great time to announce some exciting news.  This blog and similar blogs from Microsoft have proved so popular with customers, that we’re starting up an official product group blog for Configuration Manager to combine the existing blogging information into one place.  And we’re expecting more blog posts from other members of the product group, giving you behind-the-scenes information, technical tips, deep-dive reviews, and other information related to Configuration Manager that you might find useful or just plain interesting. 


For example, the first post on the Configuration Manager Product Group blog is a personal interview that I did with Ken Pan.  We called him “The Man behind Configuration Manager” because he’s the PUM (Product Group Manager) for Configuration Manager and heads up the product group and related teams.  Not only is his background very interesting, but his career path and vision play a very influential role in the future of the product.


The Configuration Manager writers will continue to blog with the same sort of information that you’ve seen in the past.  The only difference being that all new posts will go on the new product group blog.  Existing blog posts will remain for referencing.


We’re a little sad that our successful team blog is being retired, but very excited that the product group is following our example by getting relevant and timely information to you.  By the way, if you now get an email from somebody on my team, you might notice that we’ve adopted a new email signature, with the tag line “Partnering with the right people to provide the right information at the right time.”  Working with the product group to support a combined blogging channel is a good example of this statement.  We’ll do our best to encourage the many talented and knowledgeable people in the product group to blog, and if you have suggestions for topics you can send them to the Configuration Manager team blog email address (or click the link “Suggest a blogging topic” in the new blog sidebar).  As always, you can contact the Configuration Manager writing team through


So here’s the info: 

This blog is used by the Configuration Manager product group and partner teams to provide you with technical information and other news about Configuration Manager and related technologies to supplement the product documentation and standard support channels.


Check out the new product group blog, reset your RSS feeds and browser favorites, and stay tuned – on the new wavelength!


- Carol



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      With the holidays behind us and now that we are nicely settled into 2009, it’s a great time to

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