SP1 Releases! – with Updated Documentation

The much-awaited Service Pack 1 has today been released for Configuration Manager 2007.  Keep an eye on it being announced on the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Web site with details of how to download it.


Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 comes with updated documentation, and you can also access this online from the TechNet Configuration Manager documentation library.  The documentation updates include the following:


  • Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 features (Asset Intelligence, and out of band management).

  • Minor updates and corrections to the Configuration Manager 2007 documentation.

  • Prerelease content for Configuration Manager 2007 R2 (application virtualization, Forefront client security integration, client status reporting, SQL reporting services, operating system deployment enhancements that include support for unknown computers and multicast).


For more information about the new features and changes in SP1, see What's New in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1.


For a list of topics that have had a significant technical change since the November update to the Web, see the following:


In case you’re wondering why there were two other documentation releases since November, they were for the pre-release versions for SP1 that were available from the Connect site only, with the Beta 1 release in January, and the Release Candidate version available in March.


This documentation update also includes pre-release documentation for Configuration Manager 2007 Release 2, which is why there is a disclaimer heading about preliminary documentation that is subject to change.  These topics and options are called out as being specific to R2.  Just like the R2 features at this stage, this content should be considered “work in progress” but they are a great way to learn more about the new features ahead of the release.  For more information, see What's New in Configuration Manager 2007 R2.


We’ve been working on so many documentation releases (and in some cases concurrently), that it’s been hard for us to keep track of them, and what is going in which version. We hoped that by keeping everything in the single documentation library rather than having separate libraries for each version and release, it would make finding the information you needed easier.  But it’s proved particularly challenging for us!  Just before publishing the documentation library for the SP1 update, we noticed that the version information on the Configuration Manager Documentation Library page was not updated for May and still references the March version.  Rather than delay the publication to fix this, we left this in but will update it later. You will know that it’s the May version because it has What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for May 2008 and topics with Topic last updated—May 2008.


As always, if you have any feedback about the documentation, contact us on our usual address of SMSDocs@Microsoft.com.


- Carol



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    SP1 Releases! – with Updated Documentation

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