Focus Group Opportunity at MMS 2008

For you folks attending the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS 2008) this year, I wanted to remind you of the presence of the writing teams that support many of your products and the sessions that we are sponsoring. (See my post of 4/14/08 System Center Writing Staff at MMS 2008!)

 But I also wanted to point out one specific focus group that might be of interest to you:

Focus Groups:

Content as a Service – Tuesday, April 29, 2008 – 2:00 – 4:30 – Casanova 604

Prescott Klassen, Senior Program Manager; Kim Field, Director

Are you interested in providing feedback to Windows Server Systems Division User Assistance on scenarios and prototypes for next generation content delivery systems?  Attend our Focus Group session and help us set the future vision for our Content As A Service (CaaS) project.

Goals of Focus Group: 

-          Review customer scenarios and prototypes for next generation Content Services

-          Discuss current state of User Assistance in our products and get feedback from attendees

-          Gather additional requirements and scenarios from attendees

 You've probably heard a lot of talk about software delivered as a web service. Well, this is your opportunity to help influence how content can be delivered in the future using web services. Please consider signing up for this one!!


Steve Kaczmarek, Content Publishing Manager



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