Become a Configuration Manager Contributing Content Author!

From time to time, the Configuration Manager Writing Team gets more content requests from the product team and our customers than we can reasonably handle in a timely manner. When that happens, we like to give members of our customer, MVP, and consulting community the opportunity to take more ownership of the content by helping us out and writing some of this extra content.

I have just such an opportunity ready for someone out there! We have a need to fill a content gap regarding Operating System Deployment Task Sequences. Specifically, we want to provide more prescriptive detail on how to effectively use task sequence variables.

This would involve about a day's worth of interaction per week with someone from the product team over a three month period, helping to collect and organize information largely kept in the heads of certain OSD developers and testers. You would also work with one of the Configuration Manager writers to put this into the appropriate Microsoft style and format. You would receive credit for your contribution by way of a by-line, blog, and forum posts, as well as the respect of your peers!

If you are interested and want to find out more about this opportunity, please contact me, Steve Kaczmarek, at



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