Are scenarios helpful in Help?

We haven’t included scenarios in our documentation in the past, but after feedback that it would be helpful to include some customer scenarios that demonstrate how features map to business solutions, we added a couple of scenarios into the Beta 2 content that’s now published on TechNet. If you think these are useful, let us know so can add more for the next version of the documentation.


Rob Stack and I write on desired configuration management, and we think it’s one of the most exciting new features in Configuration Manager 2007 because it’s a tangible step towards the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) goal that lays the groundwork for systems to become self-healing.


We’ve had a very positive response from customers when they hear how this feature is integrated into Configuration Manager 2007, and how it provides administrators with the means of defining and monitoring configuration compliance. However, while customers understand the concepts at a high level, and understand the individual tasks within the product, we discovered many had problems understanding which tasks they needed to achieve the solution they required. Part of this is simply because the feature is so flexible in how you can use it. This seemed a prime candidate for scenarios, and I would like your feedback on what we’ve done so far, answering questions such as:


  • Do you think it’s useful to include scenarios in our content, and why?

  • Where would the use of scenarios be most helpful?

  • Are the current scenarios in the Beta 2 content too short, too long, about the right length?

  • Were the scenarios presented and structured in a way that was useful, or would you prefer a different approach – for example, include the linked tasks in the body of the text, or perhaps present the scenario in a table format so the tasks could be presented in line where relevant?

  • Any other feedback or requests about the use of scenarios as part of the technical documentation?


Let us know what you think about the use of scenarios. You can either post a reply to this post, or send e-mail to (or directly to me, if you prefer – Here’s how to find the pilot scenarios included for desired configuration management in the Web version only:


    1. Go to Overview of Desired Configuration Management ( This topic provides an overview of the desired configuration management feature and how it works, with a list of the business solutions it can support. Then it lists the additional conceptual topics under that section.

    2. At the bottom of the list of business requirements and before In This Section, there’s a link to Example Scenarios for Implementing Desired Configuration Management (, that contains two scenarios that match to what we thought would be two of the most popularly used solutions.


Before we do any more work on this, we need customer feedback – so I'm waiting to hear from you!


- Carol Bailey



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    Are scenarios helpful in Help?

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