Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 2 is now available for download on the Microsoft connect site!

Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 2 is now available for download on the Microsoft connect site! You’ll need a Live ID login account to access the installation files to download the new beta and test in your lab environment. For more information about joining the Configuration Manager Beta 2 open beta, go to


If you are not part of the open beta, but want to learn more about Configuration Manager 2007 you can now view the Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 2 documentation library online at: The documentation library has come a long way since beta 1, but still isn’t quite finished. What this means is that there is still time to get your feedback on our topics and information! We’ve worked extremely hard to incorporate your past feedback about the documentation and how you wanted to see it in this version. If you compare our current documentation against the SMS 2003 documentation you will probably notice at least two things very quickly: 1. The Configuration Manager 2007 documentation library is much larger than the SMS 2003 documentation (even at the Beta 2 milestone)! and 2. The documentation is much, much more focused and prescriptive in helping you perform Configuration Manager administrative tasks. Great effort has been taken to make the documentation really explain and guide you step-by-step through each process along the way to reach your computer management goals.


You can help determine the documentation content for Configuration Manager 2007! We’re always happy to see customer feedback on our documentation and now is a great time for you to ensure that our current and future documentation addresses the processes and information that you need as Configuration Manager administrators. We’re currently working to get a feedback footer on each topic in the documentation library that will enable you to vote on the helpfulness of each topic and provide feedback directly to us and as always, you can send an e-mail to directly with any feedback or concerns you have regarding our new documentation set.


We’re really excited about the progress we’re making with the new documentation library and I hope you will be as excited to see what we’ve done so far!!!


Jeff Gilbert, MCSE

Technical Writer | Windows & Enterprise Management Division

Microsoft Corporation


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