Want to know how NAP works in SMS, but don’t want to read lots of text?

If you’re an Open Beta customer for v4, you’ll know that Beta 1 Refresh supports Network Access Protection (NAP).  When we did some customer focus groups last year, we found customers understood the concepts behind NAP much better when they saw an animated presentation that stepped through the processes.  So we did some work on it to make it available for all customers, adding additional text since we can’t be there to talk through it with you.

If you’re interested in how NAP works in SMS, you might find this useful as an introductory overview.  Let us know if you liked it and you learned something from it. But even if you’re not interested in NAP you might still want to check it out to let us know if you would like more of the same or similar for v4 content.  We’re waiting for your feedback!

 Where to get this animated presentation:

Connect site, Systems Management Server (Configuration Manager), then click Downloads on the left.  It’s called Network Access Protection Overview Animation.


- Carol Bailey

Comments (1)

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    The PPT seemed to contain a lot of good information! However, the information appeared in such a way it become difficult if not impossible to follow the flow. The text in the background appeared as multiple layers making it impossible to read, the boxes appearing describing the flow covered most of the arrows.

    It might be useful to show this as BOTH an animated slide (which are useful for classroom training), and as an index slide with a reference page describing the sequence flow.

    I’m using a 17" flat panel display, running 1024×768.

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