Hello from Chris!

Hello SMS programmers. I'm responsible for the SMS SDK and Working with Jim, just starting to pull things together for the next release. If there's anything you want to see please let us know.

I'm originally from the United Kingdom and am still in mourning about England's dismal performance during the World Cup (this is a regular occurance, so I'm quite used to it). I've been writing the SMS SDK for 5 years now. Before that I wrote training courses, Usually for COM programming in a variety of languages such as C++ and Visual Basic. These days its more about C# and .NET. My first introduction to computing was through the fondly remembered, at least in the UK, Sinclair ZX81. After that I worked for the long since forgotten makers of the GEM Graphical interface, Digital Research. University Graduation brought me to Microsoft UK. A salesman there told me that most Microsoft mice we're sold for use on GEM. How things have changed....

I'm also a keen musician's best friend having played drums since my teens. If you're ever in Seattle check out www.themblokes.com - My band with a curiously British twist.

With Configuration Manager (SMS v4) around the corner we've got a number of new SDK related features to document. I'll be posting more details as things progress, but suffice to say, there's a lot of exciting possibilities on the horizon...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello SMS programmers. I’m responsible for the SMS SDK and Working with Jim, just starting to pull things…

  2. tmintner says:

    I would really like to see Powershell examples in the SDK.  I know Powershell came a little late in the game but given that SCOM 2007 will be managed by Powershell it is only natural that SCCM have that capability as well.

  3. Todd Hemsell says:

    The SDK has this to say about the SMS_Package class. Reading it I see the RefreshPkgSource method, but it says it updates it AND it is saying it refreshes it. It is a little confusing.

    Does calling this method increment the package VERSION (update) or does it do a refresh (no increment to the VERSION)?



    The following table lists the methods in SMS_Package.

    Method Description

    GetNextID Reserved.

    RefreshPkgSource Causes a refresh of the package source files. It is used when the package properties have not changed.

    SetNextID Reserved.

    Unlock Reserved.


    Then if you follow the link you get to here:


    RefreshPkgSource Method in Class SMS_Package

    The RefreshPkgSource WMI class method causes a refresh of the source files for a package on the site’s distribution points.



    This is the only way to force an update of the source files, other than by creating a RefreshSchedule value for the package. For information about the RefreshSchedule property, see SMS_Package.

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