Plug in Your Numbers for Windows Azure Pricing

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that we had plugged in some estimates for Windows Azure usage for different types of application scenarios.

I’ve posted a more detailed analyses for the scenarios here:

  1. Windows Azure Pricing Scenario: Asset Tracking Application
  2. Windows Azure Pricing Scenario: E-Commerce Web Site
  3. Windows Azure Pricing Scenario: Sales Training Application
  4. Windows Azure Pricing Scenario: Social Media Application

Remember with Windows Azure you must look at the total developmental costs. There is no configuration of the platform.

The platform is a service, in point of fact.

Developer hours can be reduced because developers are using familiar tools, debugging locally and then putting up their finished work on the platform service. Developers are not trying to figure out what infrastructure configuration best meets their needs and they are no longer maintaining that infrastructure.

If you think Windows Azure platform is the right choice, check it out.



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