SCOM 2007 R2 Scalability

SCOM 2007 R2 Scalability – SCOM 2007 R2’s scalability is clearly exceeds that of its predecessor but exactly how big can it scale? Due to limitations of the RMS, specifically the instance space….the maximum number of agents (servers & devices) is 10,000 per management group. With the recent release of cross-platform extensions and desktop support…


System Center Virtualization Reports 2008 – FQDN Required

When generating OpsMgr reports, most users have become comfortable simply specifying the host name when adding objects or groups. When generating System Center Virtualization Reports, you must specify the fully qualified domain name. The report instructs you to do this but this is very easy to overlook.


Working with Views

Once you complete the configuration for integration of SCVMM and OpsMgr, the first thing that jumps put is a set of new views: Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Views. What i quickly noticed is it is not that easy to readily identify and distinguish a server in OpsMgr that is a…


SNMP Queries

Courtesy of Brian Wren –


Identifying Gray (Uncommunicative Agents) in OpsMgr Directly from the OpsMgr Database

Courtesy of Pete Zerger –  Source: MS Newsgroups (AdamZ) I posted a tip a few months ago about where to see which agents are not communicating with their management server (CLICK HERE) within the Operations Console. These appear as the checkmark icon that has turned gray (indicating agent is not longer communicating). AdamZ thought…


General Security Auditing – Group Membership Change Notification

I’ve had a few clients inquire on how to receive alerts when Security Group Membership changes in Windows Server 2008. For example when a user is added or removed from the Domain Administrators global security group. I thought I’d post a small “How-To” because the necessary security event numbers have changed in Windows 2008 from…


Monitoring Hyper-V: ‘Host Group State’ Not Monitored

After configuring OpsMgr to monitor a Hyper-V environment one of the first things that pops out is in the ‘Host Group State’ state view displays as not monitored. Configuration, Performance, Security and Virtual Switch will not be monitored because there are no rules defined to monitor them . The only defined rule is for Availability…