UPDATE: General Diagnostics Management Pack 1.0

I've pulled the MP since I have quickly learned I am no MP Author. For those of you who faced some resource challenges, sorry. I hope to quickly remedy, improve and post. 

UPDATE: Version: Thanks to Stefan Stranger for pointing out some errors in the MP. Addtionally, I've updated it to not include DC shutdowns since the rule for that Alert view is part of the ADMP. Also, please note that the Missing Perfmon Counters view is based on the 'Performance Module could not find a performance counter' rule which does not neccessarily mean there is an issue with the perfomon library, it just so happens most of the time it does. For addtional information please check out: http://blogs.technet.com/momteam/archive/2008/03/01/performance-module-could-not-find-a-performance-counter.aspx  

It does not get any simpler than this. In fact, I might be stretching it a bit even calling this a Management Pack. This management pack is a collection of Alert Views I have found very useful when tuning Management Groups. It is not sealed so you can do as you wish with it. I've attached a screen shot of the views as well as the MP in an atachment named GDMP.zip.

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