Virtualization of the Root Management Server (RMS)

The traditional approach to virtualization for a Management Group is simple, don’t do it. Soon there was an exception for the secondary management servers, including gateway servers as well as the web consoles. Performance was fine as long as the RMS and the Primary Database servers were physical. As for reporting, it was often not…


UPDATE: General Diagnostics Management Pack 1.0

I’ve pulled the MP since I have quickly learned I am no MP Author. For those of you who faced some resource challenges, sorry. I hope to quickly remedy, improve and post.  UPDATE: Version: Thanks to Stefan Stranger for pointing out some errors in the MP. Addtionally, I’ve updated it to not include DC…


Obtaining Certificates for OpsMgr via Command Line or Script

Provided by the Operations Manager Product Team. Just an FYI, when working in distributed environments, generating the certificates from command line drastically simplifies the process in either Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. Just my 2 cents….