Can Profile Import be configured to import from multiple OU’s from the same domain?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 does not allow more than one connection to a domain; if you’d like to configure a custom import, such as a specific user filter (&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=User)), you can create a single connection with the common search base (DC=foo,DC=bar) and add a more restricted user filter to limit the users imported.


IT Pro Resources for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Technical Library Product Overview Discover what’s new in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and locate product information. Help & How-to Get help and answers to frequently asked questions and common scenarios. Resource Kit Resource kit for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Supplemental Documentation Download supplementation documentation for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Planning & Architecture…


SQL Scripting for Manageability

The attached SQL scripts are intended as sample scripts and may require some modification to suit your individual environments; however, serve as a foundation and guidance in SQL scripting under Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Retrieve active Content Databases from a WSS 3.0 Configuration Database Returns a list of all active Content Databases in the Windows…


Site Collection and subsite Backup, Restore, and Migration

I received an inquiry this week asking how to migrate an existing Site Collection as a subsite of a new parent Site Collection without having the availability of SMIGRATE in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007/Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. The answer are new STSADM parameters, import and export, which has been made available in STSADM. The…


Whitepaper: Understanding Workflow in Windows SharePoint Services and the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Of the many new features available in both Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0; the questions I most commonly field surround workflow; deployment, implementing, best practices, etc…  The attached whitepaper serves as an excellent resource to answer many of these questions. Understanding Workflow in Windows SharePoint Services and the 2007 Microsoft…


SharePoint Community Search by Lawrence Liu

Lawrence Liu recently posted his Live Search macro enabling a consolidated search against the SharePoint Community; to add to that capacity I’ve put together a small bookmarklet that will enable you to run this search from your browser without having to navigate away from your current page. Download


Best Practices: Are your DIPs alive? Alternate Access Mapping may be the answer…

Historically alternate access settings provided a mechanism to identify the different ways in which users access portal sites; in MSIT we’ve taken that practice one step further and leverage alternate access mappings (AAM) as a means to identify problem web front-ends in a NLB cluster. As an example an NLB (network load balancing) cluster may…


Recycle Bin for SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 (WSS/SPS 2003) 1.2 (Build 29) Released!

Recycle Bin 1.2 (Build 29) has been released; this release addresses several issues reported in build 26, released in July.  Currently this build is offered as independent libraries and will soon have an accompanying Windows Insaller Package.  To install this build, stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (NET STOP W3SVC), replace ReycleBinISAPI.dll and RecycleBinISAPIFilter.dll…


Internet Explorer 7 Released

Internet Explorer 7 has been released, download it today and experience a new interface that maximizes real estate putting more content in the browser and grouping functions to ease viewing.  Other new features include tabbed browsing, enhanced print finishing, RSS feed management, the ability to designate search providers, and enhanced security and phising filters.  Get…


Recycle Bin for SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 (WSS/SPS 2003) 1.2 (Build 26) Released!

I’ve published Recycle Bin 1.2 (Build 26) to SharePoint Tools GotDotNet Workspace, this build addresses two long-standing bugs: Fixes Explorer View bug: Unable to delete <file> An error occurred accessing your FrontPage web files. Please contact the server administrator. Fixes Empty Library archiving: Document and Picture Libraries that do not contain content will be archived…