Announcing Availability of Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016

When we launched SharePoint Server 2016, we shared the vision for SharePoint Server 2016 as a foundational release, born in the cloud, and built for continuous innovation. Today we’re pleased to announce our continued investments on this journey and commitment, the availability of Feature Pack 2.

Through the September 2017 Public Update for SharePoint Server 2016 we’re delivering several new features based on customer feedback and developer needs, highlighting these investments, the SharePoint Framework.

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data and support for open source tooling. With the SharePoint Framework, you can use modern web technologies and tools in your preferred development environment to build productive experiences and apps on SharePoint that are responsive and mobile-ready from day one!

Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016 contains the foundation of modern web part hosting and editing experiences, including core SPFx APIs, SPFx package deployment, and property panes.

To learn more about these enhancements refer to

Download Feature Pack 2 at

Feature Pack 2 also delivers all of the features previously included in Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016, including:

To learn more about Feature Pack 1 refer to

Learn more about SharePoint Server 2016, Feature Pack 2, and beyond at Microsoft Ignite BRK2422.


Comments (7)

  1. Kazzan says:

    And what about new OneDrive Next Generation Sync Client for SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2 (or 3)? Is on the road to our computers?

    1. For updates on Feature Packs, SharePoint Server 2019 and UX investments see the Ignite session here.

  2. Carl Grzywacz says:

    Are Modern Team Sites included in FP2? It isn’t listed in the documentation

    1. No. Feature Pack 2 is a developer release and brings the SharePoint Framework to allow use of modern web parts on classic pages.

      1. Ted Lasseter says:

        Thank You for actively replying to your blog as my questions have been answered.

  3. Hans says:

    What a huge letdown for all others who where expecting the Modern” experience and Communication Sites coming to on-premise in this Feature Pack. Will it be coming, and if so when can we expect it?

    1. For updates on Feature Packs, SharePoint Server 2019 and UX investments see the Ignite session here.

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