Fast Site Collection Creation in SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview

Fast Site Collection Creation is a new capability in SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview that improves Site Collection creation performance by reducing Feature activation overhead. Similar to the approach associated with MinRole Site Collections that support Fast Site Collection Creation are Feature-optimized.

Fast Site Collection Creation is a mechanism designed to improve provision performance of Site Collections through instrumenting a copy operation using SPSite.Copy at the Content Database level.

The primary vehicle in addressing this scenario is the enablement of a Site Master or master copy of the Site Collection for an enabled Template that provides the source Site Collection when a request is made for creating a new Site Collection.

Enabling Fast Site Collection Creation is achieved using the new Enable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMasterWindows PowerShell.

To access the SharePoint Management Shell

  1. Start the SharePoint Management Shell.
    • For Windows Server 2012:
      • On the Start screen, click SharePoint Management Shell.

If SharePoint Management Shell is not on the Startscreen:

      • Right-click Computer, click All apps, and then click SharePoint Management Shell.

To enable Fast Site Collection Creation enter Enable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster -Template <TEMPLATENAME> -CompatibilityLevel 15at the prompt.

Once Fast Site Collection Creation is enabled a new Site Master will need to be created for the respective Template(s). To create a new Site Master enter New-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase <CONTENTDB> -Template <TEMPLATENAME> at the prompt.

Provisioning of new Site Collections using Fast Site Collection Creation is achieved through including the new parameter –CreateFromSiteMasterwith the New-SPSite Windows PowerShell CmdLet as shown in the example below:

New-SPSite<SITE> -Template <TEMPLATE> -ContentDatabase <CONTENTDB> -CompatibilityLevel 15 -CreateFromSiteMaster -OwnerAlias <OWNER>

Since Site Collections are now created by copying at Content Database level with Fast Site Collection Creation enabled, the Feature Activation that usually happens during regular Site Collection creation does not occur.

For Developers who have Feature-based customization using Site Collection provisioning logic, if there are features that perform special processing based on the current Site's information, these will be incorrect. To mitigate this scenario, Features should be marked to be activated post-copy, so their activation code executes after the Site is created.

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Comments (8)

  1. Jussi Palo says:

    I'm still bit confused. At what point do you create the actual template and are there some requirements or limitations when creating that? Do you need to place it alone in a Content DB? How do you modify the template after initial creation?

  2. Wolfgang Werner says:

    -Template in New-SPSite looks redundant – we already have a site master with a template IMHO

  3. Wolfgang Werner says:

    About the -Template switch. This does only make sense if one has a web application with multiple databases using different site masters. Then the database is selected according to the template specified in New-SPSite?

  4. Dennis Gaida says:

    "Features should be marked to be activated post-copy" – what switch/property is this in the feature definition?

  5. Eric Skaggs says:

    @Jussi: It looks like we create the template after enabling the fast site collection creation capability. I’m guessing this first template takes the "normal" amount of time to provision. However, my expectation is that other site collections created from
    the template would provision much more quickly.

    As for placing the templates in their own content database, that seems to make sense to me, so I guess a better question is: Why wouldn’t we want to place our templates in an isolated content database?

    @Wolfgang: The -Template switch has always been there. The -CreateFromSiteMaster switch is the new one and seems sensible. Using that tells PowerShell to copy the master template that’s already been provisioned and that should be faster than provisioning something

  6. Anonymous says:

    Con SharePoint 2016 recién salido del horno, es momento de resetear mis clásicos recopilatorios de enlaces

  7. Anonymous says:

    Una de las novedades que tenemos en SharePoint 2016 es la denominada como Creación rápida de Colecciones

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