Top 3 sessions to learn more about SharePoint Server 2016 at Microsoft Ignite

Top 3 sessions to learn more about SharePoint Server 2016 at Microsoft Ignite.

BRK2188 What's new for IT Professionals in SharePoint 2016

In this session you'll learn about the core platform investments we're making in SharePoint 2016 from deployment and implementation, patching and upgrade, improvements, in addition to both new and changes to existing services in SharePoint.  We'll demonstrate new installation techniques, monitoring, and more.  If you're responsible for deploying, managing, or planning SharePoint implementations this session is for you.

FND2203 The Evolution of SharePoint: Overview and Roadmap

In this Foundation Keynote we'll discuss the evolution of SharePoint in the cloud and on-premises, share information about our investment areas in SharePoint 2016, demonstrate some of these investments and set the stage for the week of SharePoint ahead at Microsoft Ignite.


Implementing Next Generation SharePoint Hybrid Search with the Cloud Search Service Application

This session is intended for IT Implementers / Professionals looking to understand the advanced hybrid search capabilities included in SharePoint Server 2016.

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  1. @Serge We’ll be cover the Developer topics as well. Stay tuned as we update the session catalog.

  2. @Adrian See the Office blog recent post on the Evolution of SharePoint. We’re committed to on-premises.

  3. Ok, first one sounds interesting. Count me in! See you in Chicago.

  4. serge luca says:

    and what about the traditional "What's New for developers in SharePoint v.Next" ?

  5. Tiago Costa says:

    Great Sessions!!! Almost register to Ignite 🙂

  6. Joel Oleson says:

    Are these sessions all yours or is Cem doing the last one? Looking forward to attending these.

  7. Adrian says:

    Could you make some kind of statement that we can use to appease our customers who all know 100% certain that MS will completely axe the on-premises version of SharePoint and cannot be convinced of the opposite otherwise?

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

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