Resources for Virtualizing SharePoint 2010

As more organizations seek to reduce operating and capital expenditures, solve the challenges of datacenter density, and provide elasticity to their SharePoint deployments – virtualization becomes the focal point of discussion.  SharePoint 2010 provides more flexibility in support of virtualization and similar to other server technologies requires proper planning to ensure those goals are met….


Multi-tenancy in SharePoint 2010

The traditional and most accurate definition of multi-tenancy remains as a single instance of software that services multiple organizations or clients virtually partitioning its data and configuration allowing those clients to work within a customized application instance. SharePoint Server 2010 delivers new features and capabilities that contribute to supporting true multitenant architectures that are useful…


Announcing the Search First Migration Accelerator

Understanding search is the primary means in the Enterprise for surfacing and locating information…as a result, it has become a mission critical component of SharePoint deployments.  The rise in adoption of SharePoint 2010 in organizations has led to more customers seeking to leverage the benefits of the new search architectures, whether Enterprise Search in SharePoint…


How to Improve Server Utilization and Reduce Infrastructure Costs with Virtualization

Predicting resource requirements for a new business application, especially one that is customer-facing is a tricky task. It’s hard to know if you have the new Facebook or your hands. You make your best estimates, then spend money on new hardware and hope your estimates were right. Only actual usage tells whether your server infrastructure…


Categorized Index of SharePoint 2010 Whitepapers

Content Getting Started Planning Upgrade Security Governance Deployment Social Business Intelligence Web Content Management Search Other Technologies Composites Performance and Capacity Planning Additional Resources Getting Started Getting Started with Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010 Products Planning Evaluation Guide for SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 Usage Best Practices Sharepoint Server 2010 Adoption Best Practices SharePoint…


Learning on the go…

Learning on the go… New TechNet Radio series (SharePoint 2010 for the IT Professional). We’re pleased to announce a new mobile learning experience, SharePoint 2010 for the IT Professional) on TechNet Radio.  Each week we’ll be bringing you a new session that dives into a variety of topics, from deployment to management, interviewing industry professionals,…


Quick Steps to Diagnose Performance Issues in SharePoint 2010

Make the most of the Developer Dashboard Monitoring Latency and SQL Server Round Trips Among the information provided through the Developer Dashboard is information about page latency and database queries surfaced under Execution Timeout in the user interface in the Web Server section. Using the information provided in this field you can determine whether or…


Supporting Geographically Disperse Users

BranchCache If you manage a centralized, regional, or distributed infrastructure with a distributed or clustered user base, a combination of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 may be the best pairing to mitigate the impact of bandwidth and latency penalties that are commonly incurred under such distributions. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2…


SharePoint and Project 2010 August Cumulative Updates

August cumulative updates for SharePoint 2010 have been released. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010;EN-US;2352346 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010;EN-US;2352342 Project Server 2010;EN-US;2352345 Be the first to know when new updates are released


Governance Resources for SharePoint 2010

Governance relates to decisions that define expectations, manage access, and validate performance and investment performance defined by established processes and procedures.  The information here contains references to governance resources as related to SharePoint 2010, for additional information see also Governance Overview (SharePoint Server 2010). Resources Resource Center (Governance in SharePoint Server 2010) The Governance Resource…