Just What *is* the Current SQL Server Patch Level, Anyway?

Courtesy of Ben Lam’s question and Arvind Shyamsundar’s answer comes the following list of resources for keeping up with SQL Server product update releases: You can sign up for security bulletin-related email alerts from Microsoft here (Windows Live ID and Windows Live Alerts account required).  Be aware, though, that there are no product-related filters on…


Database Programming: (Almost) A Decrypter For Omni..

Omnibuzz saw my comment (I left another one over the weekend and it showed up right away; I wonder if the ones I left previously were eaten by some flavor of the issue I ran into trying to leave a comment here) and left two comments. Omni’s first comment refers to the syntax I used to attack his original task,…


No More HTML For This Database Geek?

A couple of weeks ago, you might recall, I mentioned that I’d added a couple of new web-based search tools from Windows Live to the left-hand menu of the blog. Well, as you might’ve noticed, they’re gone now. It turns out that the Windows Live tools clash with IE7 to the point that they cripple…


The Bloo Is No More.. Long Live The Blog!

You might recall I mentioned a little rendering problem I was having after the recent software upgrade. Scott Watermasysk of Telligent sent along a magic piece of CSS that resolved the issue — he even put it on the site himself!  Drop a comment if you’d like me to post it. My thanks to Scott, as…


IE7 Is Here!

This morning, the English version of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP was released to the web; it’s available for download here. There are myriad improvements over IE6, of which tabbed browsing is just the most obvious.  Were I you, I would certainly take these bits out for a spin. Enjoy!      -wp


Welcome To My Bloo! I’m Afraid I Must Be Going For Awhile..

UPDATE: Please note that the issue discussed below pertains only to web-based page views, not RSS or Atom feeds  Well, the software upgrade we were expecting last week finally went through earlier yesterday morning. Other than some subtle changes to the menu on your left, the primary impact (at least in IE7) is that the name of…