Another Period of Blog Neglect Ends; Firefox Display Issues Repaired

Earlier this evening, thanks to a helpful comment from eXcalibur, I was able to resolve the funky display issues which have plagued Firefox-based visitors since I started playing with CSS overrides in early May.  Thanks, eXcalibur, for the sage advice. I spent the first half of May working pretty hard on a couple of projects…


More Blog Disruptions

I’m tweaking CSS in an effort to resolve the FireFox display issues.  I’ll update when this work is complete. 8:30p UPDATE: I’ve put everything back the way it was earlier today.  The FireFox issue remains unresolved.      -wp


Blog Disruptions Today Now Complete; New Toys Now Available

UPDATED 3 May 2009 5:00p ET: My updates are complete for the day. I’ve widened the left-hand sidebar a pixel or three to accommodate two new toys, both of which may be found in the revamped News section: a little Flash app that shows my latest Twitter tweets; and another application that shows the latest…


More On Machine Translation: A Response for Hugo

No, that’s not “moron machine translation”, but if you read Hugo Kornelis’ candid and very helpful comments on Tuesday’s Windows Live Translator post, you’re certainly aware that machine translation (MT) has its pitfalls. The pun in the paragraph above is a good example of the challenges faced by MT.  English-speaking readers might stifle a small…


Don’t Like My English? Try Me In Portuguese (and Eleven Other Languages) With Windows Live Translator!

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile.. Microsoft Server and Tools (the group that brings you, among others, the MSDN, TechNet, Expression, and CodePlex sites) is leveraging the latest translation technology from Windows Live and Microsoft Research teams to bring you Windows Live Translator. Windows Live Translator is a web application capable…


No More HTML For This Database Geek?

A couple of weeks ago, you might recall, I mentioned that I’d added a couple of new web-based search tools from Windows Live to the left-hand menu of the blog. Well, as you might’ve noticed, they’re gone now. It turns out that the Windows Live tools clash with IE7 to the point that they cripple…


New Blog Features, With A Caveat: Beware Of Database Geeks Writing HTML

This post doesn’t apply for you aggregate surfers; those of you who come to, please read on. If you look closely, over at the left hand side of the bloo..  er, I mean, blog..  over on the left hand side of the blog, you’ll see a couple of new search-related features.  They’re real easy…