One Giant Leap for an Aspiring Geek: Congratulations, Jimmy May!

Forty years ago this past Monday, I sat in rapt yet bleary-eyed amazement as a flickering black-and-white picture showed me that people could do anything if they aspire to a shared dream and set their minds to working together to achieve it.  As an eight-year-old NASA fanboy, I took for granted that this remarkable effort would end in success and safety.

Of course, less than a year later, Apollo 13 showed just how easily things could go awry.  Shared aspirations and bonhomie are to be treasured, but they don’t guarantee success.

Or even the sustained opportunity to strive.  It is amazing to me that I saw people walk on the surface of the moon while I was younger than all of my children are today, yet they have yet to see such a thing even attempted.

Along with the fortieth anniversary of one of the pre-eminent technical achievements of my lifetime, the week brought the news that my good friend Jimmy May, the Aspiring Geek, took a giant leap closer to reaching his goal with his certification as a Microsoft Certified Master.

Congratulations, Jimmy, on this momentous achievement.  I know how many small steps it took you to get there, and I’m very happy for you!


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  1. Jimmy May says:

    Ward, I often marvel at the way with words displayed daily by Dennis Miller on his radio show.  He is indubitably the Master of the Metaphor.  You, sir, have shown yourself to be the Master of the Segue.

    It is an honor indeed to be cited in the same post as the anniversary of man walking on the moon.  I, too, was a huge fan of NASA.  I remember exactly where I was & the awe I felt when Neil Armstrong uttered those famous words.

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