Blog Disruptions Today Now Complete; New Toys Now Available

UPDATED 3 May 2009 5:00p ET: My updates are complete for the day.

I’ve widened the left-hand sidebar a pixel or three to accommodate two new toys, both of which may be found in the revamped News section:

  • a little Flash app that shows my latest Twitter tweets; and
  • another application that shows the latest from Microsoft TechNet, the kind hosts of this little corner of the Internets.  In addition to a daily news feed, this widget is a gateway to all sorts of other TechNet content:
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • content from TechNet magazine
    • upcoming webcasts
    • on-demand webcasts

Note that there’s a Get & Share link at the bottom of the TechNet widget, which allows you to share content from the widget on many popular social networking services, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as Live, delicious, StumbleUpon, and others.

Please let me know if you have any positive or negative comments or experiences with the new layout and features!


I’m playing around with features and formatting this afternoon.  Those viewing via HTML may notice some disruptions.

I’ll update this post when my tweaking is complete.


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Comments (5)

  1. Ward Pond says:

    @dcawvive, @Adam: Thanks very much for the feedback.

    I tested the changes in IE8 as well as a browser that rhymes with "Noogle Gnome" and saw no ill effects.  I’ll let the team know that there are FireFox issues.

    I’m hoping that the team will come up with a version of the control which allows me to abandon the CSS mods.  Stay tuned..


  2. Ward Pond says:

    @Adam: thanks for the tip.  I’ve downloaded a browser that rhymes with "Tired Lox," (and reproed the behavior you’ve reported) and if I’m ever again tempted to expose myself to this kind of heartache, I’ll certainly expand my test bed.

  3. dcawvive says:

    Hi Ward, thanks for the blog.  The update to the design works in IE but in firefox (3.0.10 with ABP turned off and NoScript set to temp allow all) the content is way at the bottom of the page underneath the sidebar, leaving lots of white space.  At first I thought the entire screen was blank and my browser been set to MondayMode = True  

  4. Adam Machanic says:

    Same problem on this end.  Is this, perhaps, a sign that Ward has been working for Microsoft just a bit too long and has forgotten the intricacies of Life on the Outside? <g>

  5. Adam Machanic says:

    Hi Ward,

    Only about 5% of the total browser market uses either IE8 or Chrome:

    It seems that if you want to do simple compatibility testing Firefox and IE7 will get you the biggest bang for your time.

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