Thank You, Chris and Jorge: Follow-Up to Chris Shaw’s SQL Quiz 4

Last week I was tagged by Jorge Segarra (a/k/a @SQLChicken) in a meme started by Chris Shaw, who asked a great question about leaders in one’s career.  In reflecting on my response, it occurred to me that there was only one of the people I listed who it was possible for me to be in touch with, but wasn’t.  I even remarked on it in the post:

I haven’t spoken with John [Stier] in 25 years, and that makes me sad.

Well, we live in the Information Age, where happy endings are possible for certain episodes of sadness brought on by ignorance.  I surfed out to the Stony Brook University website and discovered that my first professional mentor is still working there, and still in the tech arena.

I sent him and email and he replied less than two hours later.  I’m back in touch with John, and it looks like he and my father have a chance to renew their acquaintance as well.

So if you’re ever wondering if anything good can flow from participating in a meme, here’s one data point in their support.  Thanks, Chris and Jorge, for motivating me to do something that I clearly should’ve done a long time ago!


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  1. Jorge Segarra says:

    That’s awesome, I’m really glad to hear that. Stuff like this makes being a part of the community that much more rewarding.

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