Yes, It’s True – I’m A Judge in SQL Fool’s RAP Contest

I’ll say one thing for Michelle Ufford, the SQL Fool: she’s not one to leave a good idea on the table, unseized.

Yesterday she and I indulged in a little bit of silliness after I made an innocent tweet about some Risk Assessment Plan work I was doing.  Well, the SQL Server Twitter flock got hold of it and there was quite a bit of conversation around it during the day today.

And then Michelle had an inspiration, which you can read about here.

In a nutshell, Michelle is having a SQL RAP contest.  She’s accepting entries until 8pm CT on Monday, 18 May 2009.  Then Michelle, Brent Ozar (he of the Hulk Hands), and I will review the submissions and pick a winner.

Yes, a folk singer/songwriter and blues guitarist is judging a RAP contest.  Bear two things in mind:

  1. It’s a SQL RAP contest

  2. There’s no entry fee, so in this case you’re definitely getting what you pay for

Despite the rank incompetence of at least one judge, there’s even a prize – a nifty little electronic gadget.  You can get a full description of the prize and complete details of the contest in Michelle’s announcement.

You’ve got a little less than three weeks..  plenty of time to bring da noize, bring da funk, seeing as how Michelle and I started this mess in the course of an evening.

Let’s see what you’ve got!


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