Earth Day Linkfest

clip_image002TechNet magazine has released a web-only “Green IT” edition as a companion piece to Mark Pohto’s recent white paper and article in The Architecture Journal.

The issue features a valuable collection of new and archived articles on energy efficient computing, including:

· Framework for Building a “Hyper-Green” Virtual Server System

· Planning Your Power Management and Virtualization Strategies

· Essential Tools for Planning Your Virtual Infrastructure

· Enforce Power Management Settings in your Organization with Group Policy

· Sleep or Hibernate?

· Is It Time to Turn Off Your Servers?

· Conserving Energy with Group Policy

· Plan and Optimize Your Infrastructure to be Energy Efficient with System Center

· Build a Green Datacenter

This issue also marks the one-year anniversary of TechNet’s Sustainable IT column.  It’s a great thing to be working for a company which is leading the way in developing best practices for environmental responsibility in our industry.

You’d be amazed how much money these practices can save your company, as well as the volume of precious natural resources they can save for future generations.  Not to get too crazy, but if you’re in a position to influence these practices where you work, you really owe it to your company, yourself, and your progeny to become proficient in these practices and advocate tirelessly for their implementation.


PS: Happy B’Earthday cousin Valerie!

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