SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 Now Available for Download

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 was released earlier this week and is available for download here.

There are details on the Data Platform Insider blog, and Jimmy May is an enthusiastic proponent of its supportability and stability enhancements.

The Service Pack is a roll-up of Cumulative Update Packages 1 through 3 (CU 4 is not included).  The Data Platform Insider (and Jimmy) report that “key improvements in SP1 include Slipstream, Service Pack Uninstall, and Report Builder 2.0 click-once deployment.”

Buck Woody has a detailed discussion of what slipstreaming is (basically a combined RTM/SP1 installation process), and Peter Saddow at the SQL Server Setup blog has step-by-step instructions on how to build a slipstreamed drop containing SQL Server 2008 and Service Pack 1.  Both of these articles are must-reads if you’re considering using the Slipstream capability.

I’m with Jimmy when he says uninstalling a service pack is “not something I’d want to try.”  It’s a pretty amazing idea..  and it’s supported in this release!  If you ever have to try something you don’t want to try, it’s always nice when somebody’s got your back.  With this release, that somebody would be Microsoft. 

If you’re running SQL Server 2008, this is a must-have upgrade.  Go get it!


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    Jens , the newly minted MCM:Database (congratulations, Jens!) had this last week .. For those waiting

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