I’m Not Sure This is Progress..

.. but after some serious goading from Jimmy May and Michelle Ufford, I’ve taken the plunge and become a Twitterato.

If you’d care to join my community of followers (do I sound like a cultist yet?), you can do so hereIf you’re so inclined, you can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plaxo.

Jimmy and Michelle are both smart people, and they seem to think that Twitter is going to add something to my life (and, presumably, yours).  I’m not sufficiently skeptical that I didn’t open the account..  I’m just uncertain exactly how I’m going to use it.

See you out in the ether somewhere!


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Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a consequence of my recent ascension to Twitterato-hood (follow me @sqltwit), I’ve made several new

  2. Jimmy May, Aspiring Geek says:

    Add something to *your* life?  I want you to tweet so you can add something to *my* life. 😉

    Seriously, I’m eager for frequent boluses of Pond’s Pearls of Wisdom, distilled to 140 bytes.

    Welcome, Ward (@sqltwit), to the world of the SQL Twitterati.


  3. Jimmy May, Aspiring Geek says:

    OK, can I re-phrase that reflexive comment?  Ward, we want you on Twitter because of your venerable, hard-earned, well-deserved status in the SQL community, and your ability to capture hard stuff, succinctly & when necessary graciously.  If there’s not already a Ward Pond fan club, there ought to be.

  4. Michelle Ufford says:

    Awesome! Welcome to the SQL Twitterati!  

    To reiterate what Jimmy said… we’re excited for the chance to glimpse *your* wisdom and insight.  😉

    I’ve already become your cultist… erm, follower… so I look forward to your tweets.  🙂

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