Microsoft Hosting Silverlight 2 Developer Contest with $5000 Prize

banner2 This week I’m hoping to get through my backlog of postable material.  It makes sense to start with the time-sensitive stuff..

Microsoft is asking game developers to bring their best ideas to light using Silverlight 2, a flexible new platform for delivering rich on-line content.  If you’ve got a good idea for a game, submit it to the ServerQuest Contest by the April 15 deadline, and you could win US$5000!

You can get started by downloading the Silverlight 2 SDK here.

I haven’t written front-end code since the challenge involved manipulating a matrix of 80x24 text characters, so this contest is out of my league..  but for those of you who work with these tools, here’s a nice opportunity to strut your stuff and bring home a nice stack of coin.

Good luck! 


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