Database Programming Contest: Adam Machanic Throws Down

Never let it be said that Adam Machanic lacks style..

Adam left a comment on yesterday’s revisiting of the XML String Concatenation Trick, announcing his T-SQL Challenge: Grouped String Concatenation contest.

Read Adam’s post to get all of the particulars for the event.  I hope to be able to play by Adam’s March 16th deadline and I hereby make the following bold statement:

If I somehow find time to play, and if I somehow win Adam’s incredible prize (which is of limited utility to me given my employment affiliation), I will auction it off and donate half the proceeds to a charity of Adam’s choice, and half the proceeds to Cocoon House of Snohomish County, WA.

Life is a bit crazy these days, but I’ll do my best to carve out some time for this fun, potentially very rewarding challenge.

Well done, Adam, both on the contest and the prize!

Now..  the rest of you..  get over to Adam’s post, and then get your geek beanies spinning..


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