Microsoft Learning Asks a Loaded Question: Are You Certifiable?

Are You Certifiable?  Click to start playing!This is a really cool idea..

If you’ve ever considered taking a certification exam but aren’t sure if you’re ready, here’s a fun, risk-free way to practice – Are You Certifiable?, a new on-line game from Microsoft and Fuel Industries.

Choose an avatar, select your expertise, and pit yourself against other players from all over the world!

The game takes the form of a trivia show, but includes a broad range of technical questions geared towards one of two disciplines:  Developer, or IT.  Some of the questions appear to be taken straight from the pages of Microsoft Certification, so it looks like a good primer for someone preparing to take a MS Certification exam.  Also, stay on the look out for “rogue” questions, usually in the form of trivia (does anyone know who invented the mouse?).

As soon as I can squeeze a moment from my copious spare time, I hope to see you out there..  perhaps from the spot above yours on the leaderboard. *g*


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