Issue 18 of The Architecture Journal Now Available

I found out recently that Microsoft publishes a quarterly called The Architecture Journal.  As its website says, its articles are designed to offer perspective, share knowledge, and help you learn the discipline and pursue the art of IT architecture.

The focus of Journal 18 is Green Computing.  It features an article on the green benefits of running SQL Server on virtualized environments by virtualization guru Mark Pohto, who also happens to be my former boss in the CoE.

The article is well worth your time, and not only because Mark was kind enough to cite me as a contributor (Jimmy May, a friend I’ve never met, also participated).  Mark offers some truly remarkable results from the latest wave of virtualization at Microsoft, as well as actionable insights you can use to implement this technology in your environment.

You can read the Journal in a PDF, via the Microsoft Journal Reader,  or via a print subscription.  However you choose to go get it..  go get it!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    TechNet magazine has released a web-only “Green IT” edition as a companion piece to Mark Pohto’s recent

  2. Anonymous says:

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