Feedback is a Gift; Thanks, Kalen!

The law of unintended consequences is an amazing thing.

When I posted Dirk Gubbels’ holiday greeting last week, I very quietly snuck in a new format for displaying source code, a formatting plug-in that was recommended in an internal discussion group.  It was decidedly not what I was looking for (I want more of a scroll-box kind of deal for those nightmarishly long code “snippets” I post from time to time), and, as I later confirmed in my own testing, Kalen ran into a bit of a nightmare when she tried to cut-and-paste the code:

I found when I copied and pasted into SSMS, there were no line breaks; it came across all as one long line, so it was very difficult to get any kind of idea as to what the query was doing.

She was kind enough to re-format the code on her blog, and I’ve adjusted the original post as well.

I was looking for a reason to abandon the source code formatter, because I frankly didn’t like the way its output looked on the blog.  The fact that it garbles code is a more-than-sufficient motivation.

Thanks for the link, Kalen, and Season’s Greetings you to as well!


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