Just What *is* the Current SQL Server Patch Level, Anyway?

Courtesy of Ben Lam’s question and Arvind Shyamsundar’s answer comes the following list of resources for keeping up with SQL Server product update releases:

  • You can sign up for security bulletin-related email alerts from Microsoft here (Windows Live ID and Windows Live Alerts account required).  Be aware, though, that there are no product-related filters on this service.  If you sign up, you’ll receive notification of every security bulletin.
  • The SQL Server Release Services team blogs here.  While this is a quasi-official channel at best, of late the team has been very diligent about posting release notifications.
  • A third party site (free; registration required) crawls the Microsoft Knowledge Base daily and sends email notifications of new articles.  This service offers an extensive list of product-level filters. 

Thanks to Arvind for sharing this information within the Microsoft community, and for consenting to my disseminating it further.


Comments (3)

  1. Although this link only pertains to SQL Server 2005, I’ve found it incredibly useful single point of reference over time (though I preferred the older page format to its new presentation) both for version matching, and validating if a previously released hotfix is encompassed in a cumulative update. This in turn is useful when maintaining scripted installations for which one includes the latest cumulative update.




  2. Eric says:

    The website SQLSecurity.com keeps a SQL Server version database which is quite useful for this purpose.




  3. Jim Suber says:

    With a blog title like:

    "Just What *is* the Current SQL Server Patch Level, Anyway?" What we’d like to see is:

    4053 <download.here.com>

    Nuff said.

    I’d pay for that.

    The web is getting a tad loquacious

    Jim Suber


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